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  1. Hi @Ahg1995, we are mangos and our TBC repo is at the location: https://github.com/mangosOne If you need help with the database you are using, please go to the cmangos forum, we can't help you here !!
  2. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    Can I confirm that this happens when you click 'Check Now' ?
  3. Change the following setting in your realmd.conf to WaitAtStartupError = -1 This will keep your realm window open on an error The LoginDatabase values also need to be set as well
  4. Hi, Two things to check quickly... 1) Have your got an entry in the realmlist table 2) does your entry for realmID in realmd.conf match the realmdID entry in the realmlist table
  5. @NiaroKitty Sometimes that is all that is needed to 'fix' some compile errors after changes
  6. I'm not one for making big posts at MaNGOS but at this time we need to. We desperately need people with C++ (and a bit of cmake) experience to help us with a variety of issues. - The future of Mangos depends on it. I am not an experienced C++ developer and although I can normally work around the code and make fairly simple changes, when things go horribly wrong I can end up stuck. We are also currently down to one developer, apart from myself working across all cores and tools. Mangos needs you help if we are to continue !! Please contact either @madmax or @antz if
  7. As has been said before, setting the Expansion column also dictates which expansion you can select: Please see the Wiki article: realmbuilds
  8. If you use the windows database to load the database and leave option 'L' as Yes, there is an additional script which is run: The SQL script is located in: https://github.com/mangostwo/database/blob/master/Tools/updateRealm.sql I believe the linux load database scripts are missing a call to this vital file
  9. Could not use the built in ACE rather than the external one ? - I'm not a unix person so what do I know
  10. Welcome - Hope you have fun here !
  11. antz

    Setting up User Accounts

    @brothir The wiki reference guides have recently been updated to include the commands: see the 'table contents' section of: Command
  12. @Matombo Have you also set the values in realm.conf for mangos.conf to set the locale ?
  13. The locale setting in the mangos.conf tells mangos to read the translated values in the mangos database, these are used in addition to the localised DBC's
  14. I don't know whether that client is a standard client or a modified client. The error is sometimes triggered by a bad network connection. I often get it when i'm playing over wifi on my laptop, however my main pc (wired) never gets it
  15. @ivovaleriev Hi, The branch doesn't exist anymore as it's now part of the base core and can be enable during the build. using the parameter with cmake will include playerbots: -DPLAYERBOTS:BOOL=1
  16. The error is normally caused by one of 3 things: 1) The username/password is incorrect for the database 2) The username doesn't have permission to write to the database 3) The database server cannot be accessed correctly
  17. antz

    Extracting Game Data

    I fix for the files being in the wrong folder has been submitted on MangosZero, MangosOne and MangosTwo this evening.
  18. @lauren_eily The recommended way to get and the correct source code is to use the --recursive flag when cloning: see MangosThree is a bit more messier than the other cores due to problems of the build system. I did managed to get MangosThree to Build on Linux and Windows recently with some changes.
  19. @Daecho Thanks for the reports. I'm aware of the following: MangosOne Playerbots broken MangosTwo Playerbots Broken For MangosThree and MangosFour the problems run deeper. - There isn't much interest in MangosThree or MangosFour at all, so they are a little neglected - But I do try and work on them when I can. All the Above are on my list to fix, but I don't have spare time and there are higher priority fixes needed elsewhere. - If you are willing to investigate the issues, i'll happily offer my help where I can
  20. I'll need to check, I do seem to remember there being an issue raised in the tracker for it. When I'm back in front of a pc, I'll look
  21. There us an outstanding fix from m2 which needs to be ported to m3 to fix the commands crashing. It's the latest commit on mangosTwo
  22. @Specu looking at the banner, mangosd was built without playerbots enabled. did you specify -d PLAYERBOTS=1
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