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  1. So i got a raspberry pi so i could move all of my server stuff to it(http, wow and mysql). I've been successful with migrating http and mysql to it but i don't see any wow cores that can run on a armhf cpu. So, can any wow servers run on armhf?
  2. No, sorry. Only mangos zero has playerbots right now
  3. onixiya

    Extracting Game Data

    Move the data to where the server is installed. If its on unix though, put it in the bin folder instead of the conf. Or put it to where ever you set it in the .conf file
  4. The password your entering is wrong. Make sure caps lock isn't on and watch where you type
  5. onixiya

    Extracting Game Data

    You don't actually need git-bash. I only got it because i'm a fan of unix and it helps when i switch between windows and debian. You should be able to run these programs from the command prompt. Open up a prompt where the wow client is by going to where it says the current folder Now click on that and type "cmd" A prompt window should open up. Now run all of the .exe extractor files.
  6. onixiya

    Extracting Game Data

    I suggest you extract the data withut using the shell scripts. This means running all of the programs included in the tools folder in the wow game dir
  7. Try applying the update manually. Open up your mysql client and log in. Now notice what file is above when it says, "update skipped". Open that file with a text editor like nano and copy everything in it. Now paste it in editor on workbench(or whatever your preferred client is) and execute it. If it fails for some reason, show the results here.
  8. onixiya

    Installing MySQL

    My server is working on 5.7.25 so you can use that.
  9. onixiya

    Installing MySQL

    Use mysql 5.6 or 5.7. Other versions don't really work with mangos or a lot of other cores.
  10. I've had problems with getmangos.sh, also this could just be "Installing ACE on linux" instead of implying its specific to centos
  11. Just want to check, did you build from the source or use a release?
  12. You might want to check the db for this setting. I think its somewhere in realmd or maybe world.
  13. Manually compile bzip2 and install it. https://sourceforge.net/projects/bzip2/files/ I haven't used centos so compiling and all that is for you to work out. Since you managed to compile ace, this shouldn't be a problem. On a side note, i've had issues with getmangos.sh so i would suggest compiling it without using the script.

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