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  1. i mean, you'll need a original client version for whatever server you want to get running, google either world of warcraft 2.4.3 (or whatever the exact version mangos uses, i forgot) or if you are intent on getting the cd's, get the patches from here https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Patches
  2. you can't use the classic retail client, you need a original client. as for getting one, google may be your best friend here or if you really want to get a cd set for the game, get that then download the patches off the internet
  3. caused by warden, its a buggy mess in mangos rn imo, just disable it in mangosd.conf for now
  4. its whatever client version you need, i don't believe you need to set it tho
  5. thats a old version, build from source to get the new stuff and bug fixes
  6. how did you make a account then if account create didn't work?
  7. account create name password 2 type that command in the mangosd console and try testing it out
  8. did you set the expansion thing in the account when making it?
  9. If you need anymore help, just come on the discord, there's people a lot more experienced then me who i'm sure would be happy to help
  10. Might have to try an older version. I don't really know a lot about databases and all that
  11. A lot of these errors are expected to happen, mangos isn't perfect and probably never will be. As long as you got a prompt, the server is good to go
  12. Sorry about cpu core thing, i'll update it so it mentions it. Hopefully, you manage to finally get it working
  13. The files aren't available to directly download due to copyright reasons. For the data problem, like altronrain said, you need to set the datadir in your mangosd.conf. Also, like i said in my previous comment, you'll want to use the -c flag to change where mangosd and realmd look for a .conf file
  14. No idea why executables aren't in the same folder as everything else. I think its just how stuff on linux is organized. You can try making the executables read the .conf file in any folder by using the -c flag. If my conf file is in my home folder, i'd type out "./mangosd -c /home/onixiya/mangosd.conf Realmd also does the -c flag as well. Try not to extract stuff using the extractresources.sh. I'll update the guide to mention not using it. If you need more help, come on the discord
  15. Its all warnings. So the binaries should be good to go
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