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  1. Here's a mega link for the client https://mega.nz/#F!J81gFAjJ!y7mmFMWJhD9XoVaJfH3q9Q
  2. Can i get a copy of the dbc files then? Just put the whole dbc folder in a archive and upload it to mega or google drive
  3. You might need to manually compile it. You know how to do that?
  4. Search for mangosd.exe Whatever folder that's in, it should be where everything else is. Also, for the database error, it seems like mangos0 isn't there. Try looking for it in something like heidisql
  5. I have no experience with playerbots, you're better off asking in the discord
  6. if you've installed mangos to /usr/local/mangos, you need put the data folders in /usr/local/mangos/etc
  7. Seems ACE isn't compiling, mangos needs a specific version so using the latest version of ace probs isn't gonna work. I recommend using another core if you want to play cataclysm
  8. Import the code using something like heidisql as that can show more
  9. You'll need to run the code in the sql file manually
  10. Pinging the vm seems to work so i doubt thats the problem(i may be wrong though, haven't messed with that stuff in a while), it might be some rule or setting in the lxd configuration files to only accept some stuff from the host machine so try looking in the settings and mess with that
  11. You trying to connect using ports or just by a ip?
  12. I think the mysql db isn't running, try running it manually and see if that fixes it

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