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    • @antz I think this topic is in the wrong section.
    • Hi. I would like to add missing translations for frFR language. Can you explain a bit more about the "Magnet" app you talked about @antz ? Thanks  
    • Hi, I just create a DK on Mangos Two server and I have a problem with the Raise Dead skill. I can use it several times and create a lot of Ghouls. If I use it lots of times, the game crash (Not the server). Are there any option to disable this DK's skill or to disable the DK character creation? I can't see any option on mangosd.conf or in the DB   Thank you
    • Hi, I'm Alxayu97 and I just start a mangos two server on Spain. Nice to meet you :)
    • Hi everyone ! I am Elmsroth. I used to run several Wow private servers since TBC extensions, then on WoTLK. If I remember well it was from 2007 to 2011...I used to work mainly on French servers because... I am French.  I have a solid developer background (C#, PHP,Java, SQL, Bash) and 10+ years of experience in developement. I have a computer science engineer degree since 2011. I also have a few skills in networking, web hosting, database administration & cloud computing. I began with Mangos core then switched on trinitycore because I focused on WoTLK. I used to make some customs scripts in C++ for my server with trinitycore. Today I would like to jump back in the emulation adventure by making a Mangos Zero server for my guild and make customs scripts in order to hel us making quick dungeons & raid tests for our Wow classic guild on official servers. I am currently reading the documentation for setting up a Mangos servers and it reminds me lots of good moments from the past (it is not so different from a Trinitycore server). Se you around guys !
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