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    • Hi, I created a docker image and docker compose to run Mangos It's in pull request Feel free to try it: https://github.com/mangostwo/server/pull/164
    • Pm me at the mangos discord, username is Silentstorm
    • hello kinda new here just made a mgzero sv tho Im not familliar with the db and how to change some values... dunno where else to post this so I think this is the best place didnt find any other sources on this matter... yet I really want to change item and skill info... for ex the riding skill and mount lvl req also console commands makes itself crash everytime..... Im prob not typing it properly howev everytime I use the "send items" command it crashes and not only; can some1 provide an example to it pls also how to edit items on chars.... looked over the "char_inven" table and changes make no effect in game..... Id appreciate if someone that knows can pm a discord id or group related on this matter or just bump here :)) thx
    • Yes it is MadMax, but just been very busy with work and other things. here the delphi src codes to it if anyone wants to build a custom version, you will need Raize Components v6 or higher to compile this. http://www.daggerspine.co.uk/WowConfigLuncherSrc.zip
    • Native language Spanish Buenas, soy administrador del sitio LanPy E-Sports de Paraguay, estamos instalando el mangozero para nuestra comunidad. Desde ya muchas gracias por su proyecto esperamos poder ayudar en lo que podamos. Hi, im admin of the site LanPy E-Sports from Paraguay, We are installing mangozero for our community , Thanks for the project , i how we can help in what we can, sorry for my english. Nuestro sitio es www.lanpy.com  
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