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  1. Glad to hear that you figured it out!
  2. Hi tinytomcruise, I was checking out that video you linked. That's for a repack. Unfortunately we don't support the repacks here, but there should be a readme in the files for a discord link. That being said, we would love to encourage you to stick around with MaNGOS and build from scratch using the link following guide from Antz: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/guideswindows/installing-mangos-on-windows-using-easybuild-r20064/
  3. Nalorakk has a starting script that he sends a group of adds down to fight you, then he runs up the next flight of stairs, and repeats until he's at his platform. However, currently he sets down the first set of adds and then never moves. So he is unfightable. Video (@ ~5:15):
  4. Terestian Illhoof in Karazhan currently has two Kil'rek imps spawned. One is a creature the other is a pet. What is supposed to happen: - Kil'rek is spawned beside Terestian Illhoof. - ~45 seconds after Kil'rek is killed, he is summoned again. So right now, there are too many Kil'rek imps spawned at the start of the fight. Video:
  5. Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan is supposed to summon infernals around his platform throughout the duration of the fight. These infernals should be non-targetable, stationary, and produce a hellfire for the duration they are spawned. I checked M2, and they seem to be working properly. MaNGOS SD3 link: https://github.com/mangos/ScriptDev3/blob/master/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/karazhan/boss_prince_malchezaar.cpp I also looked up a few other scripts from different cores: - https://github.com/cmangos/mangos-tbc/blob/master/src/game/AI/ScriptDevAI/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/karaz
  6. Another good place to take a look for some ideas would be the Eluna Releases forum here. https://www.getmangos.eu/forums/forum/121-releases/ You can open up some of those links and check out how people did some really cool stuff!
  7. Hi! Are you able to provide any screenshots, logs, etc? Without knowing exactly what is wrong, it is difficult for anyone to help you out. Thanks, Fyre
  8. When looking at the `db_scripts` table, I noticed that `script_guid` 631 spawns "Spectral Chalice". MariaDB [mangos_world1]> SELECT `script_guid`, `id`, `datalong`, `comments` FROM `db_scripts` WHERE `id`=194502; +-------------+--------+----------+------------------------+ | script_guid | id | datalong | comments | +-------------+--------+----------+------------------------+ | 631 | 194502 | 19214 | spawn Spectral Chalice | +-------------+--------+----------+------------------------+ 1 row in set (0.002 sec) The `datalong` has a value of 19214 and indica
  9. @汪可微 @onixiyaI noticed that on line #47 it says INSERT INTO `creature_TEMPLATE` where it should say INSERT INTO `creature_template`. Change the capital TEMPLATE to all lowercase, and it will work. I've spoken with @Necrovoice and he should be updating the github repo as well.
  10. On MangosZero, tooltip states: "You carry the Touch of Zanzil. The poison courses through your veins. Seek aid!" Based on WowHead comments, it is supposed to do the following: It reduces your Agility by 15 and enemies can see you through stealth as if you were not even stealthed. However, by casting "Stealth" it removed the poison permanently.
  11. Spell Name: Wyvern Sting (Rank 1-3) DB Links: Rank 1: https://classicdb.ch/?spell=19386 Rank 2: https://classicdb.ch/?spell=24132 Rank 3: https://classicdb.ch/?spell=24133 Problem: Rank 1 does not break sleep when the mob is attacked (melee, range, or spell damage). After 12 seconds sleep does break (as is per tooltip), but does not apply a DoT. Rank 2 does not break sleep when the mob is attacked (melee, range, or spell damage). After 12 seconds sleep does break (as is per tooltip), but does not apply a DoT. Rank 3 does not break sleep when the mob is attacked (melee, ra
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