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  1. Well, all script AI are missing for the 4 mobs in the list ! I think I can get them to work properly.
  2. Well, it does not seem to be a qualified "bug" since we have to clearly identifyt wich NPC needs specific respawn time. After digging into the data we cat notice a great part of the mobs are set to 300sec (~5min) : SPANTIMESEC COUNT 300 26311 7200 6944 275 6097 180 3089 333 2115 250 1740 120 1468 360 1392
  3. Hello @splinecl The bug is now resolved. It was a quest method bug. This quest needed to be automatically completed in order to get acces to the next phase. Pull request : https://github.com/mangoszero/database/pull/105
  4. @madmax Is it still needed ? I think I can achieve it pretty easily but is it ok to set a default shutdown message in the config file and add possibility to override it with a string message".
  5. Yes, It seems that both spells that create the items do not remove the creature's corpse after use. Other bug : we can use the empty flask on living mob instead of corpse and WORSE : we can use it on any attackable mob.....
  6. Changed Priority to Unset Changed Sub-Category to Quest
  7. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  8. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  9. I have tried to cast several times spells 6605 and 7399 on myself. these debuff do not seem to last after disappear.
  10. Hello @Ederson Frazão, Can you check your "account" table in the auth DB ? You must put the correct extension value in this field for your account. For Wotlk it should be 2. Please consider reading DB description here to find more about this specific field : Cheers
  11. Hello @lauren_eily Yes the example was made for Mangos Zero But as you said you can change repo for MangosThree Tell us if you suceeded in extracting your data. Keep also in mind that the most active repos are Mangos Zero/ One / Two. We are also available on Discord => https://discord.gg/Ce3z3U Cheers !
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