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  1. As @Pysis it is now clear that the Linux script is bugged and needs to be checked and treated as a bug => https://www.getmangos.eu/bug-tracker/
  2. Hi @Mac Wheeler Can you provide the link to the script you are talking about ? Perhaps it is outdated and then we will make an update You can solve the problem by make a fresh clone and using : git clone https://github.com/mangoszero/server.git --recursive --depth 1 The issue you had is related to the fact the main repo is referencing submodules. The manipulation is explained in this guide :
  3. Yes, there were updates regarding implementation of GameObjectAI recently, but the submitted fixes were compiling correclty. probably an update issue like says @antz
  4. Pour les Mdp nan ca n'a pas changé sur Mangos Zero et sur TBC (quoiqu'on ait apporté un upgrade pour calculer les clés avec l'algo SRP6 mais ca s'implémente assez facilement au pire). le bon vieux SHA_PASS_HASH c'ets toujours SHA1(UPPER("LOGIN" + ":"+"PASSWORD")) Sinon tu reset le mdp à la main en jeu ou tu mets le même mdp à tout le monde Pour info la team Mangos on est souvent sur Discord : https://discord.gg/kyCXmj
  5. Sinon le mieux serait de faire un RAZ complet et de tenter de faire une migration de tes tables anciennes characters vers les nouvelles (genre tu insère table les données de l'ancien schéma vers le nouveau). Depuis pas mal de majs la bdd characters ne bouge pas bcp. C’est la world qu'on change assez souvent. Y'a beaucoup de players à récupérer ?
  6. Salut @Helladan, Si tu connais ta version de BDD tu peux passer les updates sans souci je pense. Tu est a quelle version/structure/content dans chaque base ? Si c'est trop vieux tu risques de tout péter car il manquera les bonnes updates. En soi ne gardes que la BDD characters et teste avec les autres bdd a jour et vois si il y a des alertes au démarrage.
  7. @My Channel I think you did not really understand my answer of perhaps I have misunderstand your post I'm not native english speaker so please excuse me. I am just saying If you code such a tool it would ne nice to share. If such a tool does not exists it is perhaps nobody asked for it but I have never said anything against your work. All contributors here share fixes on their free time with no remuneration at all. I really don't get your point. If you think it can add value to the emulator and improve its usability, then do so ! O_o
  8. @My Channel It's not implemented decause nobody have really asked for I think
  9. Changed Status to Completed Changed Assigned to Elmsroth Solved in this PR : https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/98 @cabfever you will be able to inspect players now as GM.
  10. @My Channel That sounds good Let us know when you will have implemented all this cool stuff 😛
  11. The GM commands help cannot be localized the right way today. We lack of locales_commands table.
  12. Confirmed ! This bug is really annoying.
  13. Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Priority to Normal

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