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  1. Its now working fine ( @madmax ) I believe from previous conversation on skype we know where the potential issue could have came from.
  2. Changed Status to Not a bug Changed Milestone to 21 Changed Type to Database
  3. mangos zero

    Under normal conditions, db / core updates should not delete or alter charater progression.
  4. Not sure what happened there on covenant, but all is well in my DB. Ran a GM command to see if that corrected it. I suggest reset of the server and try again at this point.. If its still an issue after I will track it down why it works for me and not on covenant and submit a fix.
  5. mangos one

    If this error was not happening before, and started recently... I would retrace your steps. Did you make changes somewhere? Also what is the DB version of your character database?
  6. Hmm, weapon specific maybe? will poke around some more. Seems to work for daggers
  7. mangos one

    What is your characer DB version? Also just to be 100% certain, this is a fresh install of both the MaNGOS Rel21 Database with all updates and the MaNGOS Rel21 Corefiles? I see a lot of your posts asking about updating/patching out of date and sometimes database and code from other projects.
  8. Ending Their World: Requires both DB and SD3 scripting Galaen's Fate: Works as intended as of Rel21 The Sun Gate: Quest is being worked on and will be added to the repo upon completion.
  9. Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Assigned to Necrovoice Changed Version to 22.1
  10. Will see what I can do, seems to be an issue with the other cores also.
  11. Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Version to 21.11 (Current Master Branch) Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Type to Database
  12. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.11 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority Changed Type to Database
  13. Better late than never! Rel21_07_015
  14. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.11 Changed Milestone to 21


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