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  1. Strange enough when running the server as a release build, the server dont crash.
  2. Ok, so your errors are all on Mangos zero? If you use Discord, you can find me there and we can talk directly if you like Resolved after a fresh build and DB install.
  3. Could you provide a link as to where you got your DB and server source from? The information your providing indicates it is NOT from the offical Mangos git repo.
  4. Using the item Rough Stone Statue and then running out of its casting range will cause the server to crash.
  5. Be sure you are using the most recent build and database from git Mangos One. It looks like you are using an out-dated version.
  6. I will be looking into the first issue once im home later today. Your second issue is fine and can be ignored
  7. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  8. Just tested this and I am unable to reproduce. You are using the most recent build from MaNGOS ONE Server on git? Could you provide some more information for us, such as. are you casting the spell with the .cast command, do you have any talents that alter the spell, such as Improved Shadow Word: Pain. What auras do you have on your character, Do you have an armor set on that alters the spells ability? Any information that would better lead to reproducing would be great. Also, does this happen every time, or is it random?
  9. This issue has been resolved across the Mangos cores and is now closed. If the issue continues please open a new report on appropriate core's bug section. Thanks
  10. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Main Category to Database
  11. It would not be impossible, but would take a bit work... With the server being that out of date, I would say start fresh.
  12. yeah that would be the reason... the guide you linked is very old. Please ues the one I provided a few posts above. This sould correct any issues you are having with this topic.
  13. Mangos ONE fix here: Rel21_11_044, Updates gossip menu options with other cores.
  14. @yopper_, we believe the guide you might have used is out of date, Please follow the guide I have linked below and let me know how that one works for you. Installing Mangos on Debian 9 or a Debian based Distribtion
  15. Would you mind linking the guide for me?

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