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  1. Good start. You should portforward your ports to your localhost IP that is hosting the server. the reamlist.wtf Should have your external IP (but it should match the address listed in the database) Your database should have address: external IP (or what you have your realmlist.wtf set to) localaddress left as Try this out. I suggest using your ISP IP in your settings as I have never had much luck with using the host IP in any settings. if you have more issues let us know
  2. Check your error log for the server, im thinking that its not finding your .conf file..
  3. If your using the official mangosZero db from git, then I would say that its not an issue with your DB. There have been people in the past that have worked on gathering nodes in the past, but I dont believe anyone has done an overhaul of the spawning pools and locations. Something that is badly needed across all version. Depending on what version you are working with the nodes are more or less in each zone and not uniform in anyway. It has been on my list of projects. But that in addition to the few I have been working on, it is a massive undertaking to populate.
  4. You will need to first add the object to your gameobject table, then you will use that guid and add it to your pool_gameobject table
  5. Looks like the server is running already and fully loaded
  6. Im not 100% sure what your asking..... If you talking about the Pathfinder message, then I would say your running a Debug build. If thats the case you can always lower you Loglevel in the mangosd config file. Outside of that.... if you can log in then there really is no issue if you dont mind the flow of messages.
  7. We do not support repacks. Please seek help with the repack's provider. If you are interested in mangos, please use our official git repo
  8. Hello, Thanks for taking an interest in MaNGOS. The version you are using is out of date.. Please use the official git repo located here Mangos ZERO. If you have any further questions regarding the official MaNGOS core or database, feel free to return and ask.. Also if you have not done so, stop by our discord channel.
  9. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  10. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Main Category to Database Changed Sub-Category to NPC
  11. This should now be correct and available. Rel21_11_037 Please update your database accordingly.
  12. I believe this was fixed by antz when people would use the installdatabase script. installdatabase.bat update on git
  13. You can adjust this in the `pool_gameobject` table. change the chance column to the desired %

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