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  1. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=5624

    It works on m1 and M2 if that helps you.
  2. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=5624

    Looking into this. The quest works as intended with correct spells Lesser heal (Rank2), Power Word: Fortitude(Rank1). The NPC will respond and run away.. quest credit is whats lacking here.
  3. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=5624

    Changed Status to Confirmed
  4. mangos one Ability not reflecting cooldown

    Hello @Nightrider84, we unfortunately do not support .dbc editing.
  5. mangos one The Kessel Run

    Was confused as to what npcs were the same...
  6. mangos one The Kessel Run

    I have 3 different creatures listed in my DB,.17440,17116,17240.. respectively Correct, When you pick up this quest the spell 31973 is cast on you. You need to be mounted on the elekk for the gossip and/credit. If you click off the buff or loose it for some other reason you are unable to warn the 3 NPCs required for the quest and must retake abandon and retake the quest. It seems to work for me, but I went ahead and ran a clean up on gossip_menu and will push it soon once all is resolved here.
  7. mangos one The Kessel Run

    What core are you using so i can look into it? I fixed this months ago.
  8. mangos one Add Additional mining nodes

    You can always adjust the spawn times in the gameobject table. If you know the guids of the object you can use an update sql query. Would be the fastest way.
  9. mangos one Mining Nodes

    Over the years there has been tweaks / complete reworks and other attempts to correct the nodes for gathering professions.. I have looked into the recent attention that people are bringing up about the lack of or even the incorrect placement of nodes. I have to agree that yes the work in the past has helped, there is still a crap load that is wrong across all cores. At this point in time with so much changed in the game world on live... Correcting to a blizz like spawn system with accurate results is just a random shot in the dark. Putting the issue of correct placement aside, nodes are not that hard to add to the game, just time consuming. Check my reply to your other post regarding nodes here.
  10. mangos one Add Additional mining nodes

    Yes, the node will respawn based on the time set in the db. If you want random spawn locations you would use the gameobject pool tables.
  11. Druid Bug

    I have attempted a few different things but I am not able to reproduce this with the current Rel21 build / Database It seems that whatever is happening here was done after alterations of the game somewhere.. Maybe the gear, stats in the DB, or code some place. Unless you can provide the same result with unmodified database and/or core files. I consider this matter not a bug. Will leave open till tomorrow before I close and lock to allow further information provided by you. At that time if the issue continues with no costume modifications Feel free to open a new report.
  12. Dodge

    Closed as not a bug.
  13. Druid Bug

    Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback
  14. Druid Bug

    I am a little confused with this.. Your report says human druid and you screen shot shows a Draenei, yet for Mangos 1 the druid class is not playable for these races. If you find this issue with a class / race combination that is actual..Such as a Night elf Druid. Please post your Race, class, level and all gear you have on that character. Until then I dont see a bug here at all.
  15. Lazy peon

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Milestone to 21

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