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  1. What lead up to these events? Did you run the install scrip over a current character database?
  2. I cant reproduce this and have tested a few times over with the aid of others. Please use the Peer to Peer Technical Support section if the issue continues.
  3. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce
  4. Sounds like your account does not allow that command. If I understand, this is your server? Is it local (game and server are run on the same machine) or is it connected remotly (game and server are on two different machines.)? What OS are you using? I have checked this over a few times now and am unable to reproduce this. I know you have said that you are using the current version of Mangos, but if you could please try this once again.. with a fresh clone of the server : mangostwo server
  5. I just tested this again, and I am unable to reproduce this issue with murlocs. If your account level allows, try and use .npc info Please provide an entry for one of the NPCs causing an issue. To make sure gm is not on, log into your character and type .gm off No GM should not turn on/off over different zones.
  6. Do you have GM on? This will cause that
  7. Although this is the original post, the new version holds more information.
  8. I think this has something to do with the game loading NPCs and objects during a phase, The NPC spawns first perhaps? This would cause them to fall into an object.
  9. Absolutly! If you ever want the update let me know, I can send it your way with some info on it.
  10. Yeah, the system for them and how maps load is not the best. I made a custom NPC and script to port players from one platform to the other to help combat this on mine.
  11. Trams in general have always had issues with loading one side or both
  12. I did a quick poke at the Database.. I was able to get things working, but its far from perfect and not a goodenough fix to submit.. I will poke around a little more with this. It feels like there are to many Terrifying Abomination in the room, around 33 Also it seems they use their chain attack a little to much. However this could be due to the ammount of them in the room..
  13. We are aware of the issue with ALL Gameobjects.
  14. Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Main Category to Script (Eluna / SD3)

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