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  1. Startup Error - Gossip Menu Option

    Changed Status to In Progress Changed Assigned to Necrovoice Changed Main Category to Database Changed Sub-Category to NPC
  2. Startup Error - Item Templates

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Milestone to 21 (Current)
  3. Startup Error - Item Templates

    This is now fixed. Rel21_09_010
  4. Startup Error - Loot Tables

    All but item 5858 has been corrected. Rel21_09_009
  5. This has been fixed at some point.
  6. Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Implemented Version to 21.1 Changed Sub-Category to Core Crash
  7. Hourly Bells In Towns/Cities

    I can research this a bit and maybe we can figure something out
  8. Firewall perhaps?
  9. I believe the default realm database is realmd `UPDATE realmd.realmlist SET address = "YOUR_HAMACHI_IP" WHERE id = 1;` or if run directly on the the realm database `UPDATE realmlist SET address = "YOUR_HAMACHI_IP" WHERE id = 1;`
  10. leave them as I would only change the `address` in the database.
  11. Got ya, stick with me for a moment, I ask a lot of questions to make sure im on the same page as you are..(Yes im one of "those" people. haha)I am not an expert on hamachi , so until someone comes along to further assist allow me to offer a few things that mayhelp. In your config files you should have a setup something like this. LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;PASSWORD;realmd" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;PASSWORD;mangos" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;PASSWORD;character" ------ In the database under realmlist, you will with to change the column `address` to the hamachi address. Give that a whirl and let me know what you come up with
  12. Hello, sometimes with this issue you can attempt port forwarding.. I have seen this correct the issue at times. Also, I would suggest looking at our official github Here and do away with the repack, you will get little or no help when using a repack. If port forwarding does not correct the issue, I will attempt to assist you further.
  13. Startup Error - Loot Tables

    Changed Assigned to Necrovoice Changed Milestone to Unset
  14. Startup Error - Game Object Templates

    And another one bites the dust. Rel21_09_008
  15. Startup Error - Game Object Templates

    Changed Assigned to Necrovoice Changed Milestone to Unset

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