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  1. Changed Assigned to Necrovoice
  2. Although not perfectly scripted, this quest does what it should. Conversations and all.
  3. Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.11 (Current Dev21) Changed Implemented Version to 21.11 Changed Milestone to 21
  4. mangos one

    The fix works as intended. Will PR in the next few (days?) and close this thread when completed Thanks @Korisko for testing it out for me. ..And broke a few other things. haha
  5. mangos one

    Sent you a private message with the information.. If you have any questions feel free to ask
  6. mangos one

    I might have a fix for this.. "Might" being the key word... If you want to try it, I will have it added to a fork of the repo and you can clone/build trying that... Will have something within the next 24 hours for you to test if interested?
  7. This seems to have been corrected at some point.
  8. Changed Status to Completed
  9. Changed Status to Completed
  10. Changed Status to Completed
  11. This quest has been fixed at some point. It now works as intended.
  12. Changed Status to Duplicate
  13. Duplicate issue posted here
  14. PR and conversation continued here (Pull 96)


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