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  1. Both Oregon & Mangos (TBC), have different database structures; but doesn't mean it can't be migrated over. I've done a few migrations from Oregon to Mangos, but you do risk of corrupt character data to be honest.
  2. We can close it, but should keep the post in case someone has the same issue. Might be best to post how you fixed it as well. Someone else might make use of this as well.
  3. Welcome to the Community @Fall Flower!
  4. Hello, This is a common map file that likes to cause issues on most cores. Dealt with it many times before. Have you tried to re-run the extractors to pull fresh map data? Also, you can find the '0004331.map' in the extracted folder and replace it with the old file in your other folder. Sometimes this helps, if the file is corrupted during copying to another location. Make sure you are using the correct extractors for the choosing version. If you have the same issue, let us know.
  5. Description: During logging out, some races will be able to logout instantly within city limits and others won't be able to logout instantly. Current behaviour: I have a Alliance character in Stormwind City, able to logout instantly anywhere in the city. The other character Horde in Undercity and has to wait 20 seconds before logging out. Expected behaviour: All characters within any city , should be able to logout instantly. Steps to reproduce the problem: Create a Horde & Alliance character Place them in their Faction City Attempt to logout
  6. This looks like the issues I temp fixed some months ago, which wasn't fully fixed. The use of .server shutdown 0 or .server restart 0. This is from the server unable to use the call function from 0. As I recall, I believe this is on all cores. Tips: Try using a high number then 0
  7. Arcemu has something like this already. I recommend you looking on Arcemu side for it.
  8. [quote=Talendrys]Hi Titan, can you try this bug fix and provides feedback ? :-) [url]https://github.com/Warkdev/server/commit/69982e8767d9f65d60e0bc8a2b85cb48f21a8ae3[/url] Thanks.[/quote] Talendrys, this posted fix, is hacky.. Shouldn't call exposed data like that.. Plus is fix was taken from Silverpine Project, which no credits were given.
  9. This is included by default. I can use SOAP in Zero just fine on Unix. Reason of the message, because it's most likely not turned on via config file.
  10. This is a minor issue.. I'll look into this when I get that chance.. From map updates before Rel19, could have broken the system for LoS and Movement. This is confirmed on both windows and unix systems, where the reading of the tiles are not fully loaded during start-up. As of right now, its [u]not a required function[/u].
  11. Make sure all the database queries are correct and matching what the core has.. This is the first step you should always do.. Second, is all the opcodes correct? Sometimes, this makes the client none talk-able to the server. Many things can make the bank not work.
  12. This is an confirmed bug in the Rel19. Still looking for a proper fix for it.
  13. The only thing you need for Lua to work, is the required libraries. Luda was right, when Salja didn't know what he was talking about. SD2 is a crap library anyways.
  14. Fixed on this commit -> [url]https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/a87b8e52b6497a5e367dd26f17e35d349c7a4413[/url]
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