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  1. I worked on it (specifically the mage) before my child was born. I had the mage doing some basic stuff well. Attacking ranged, frost nova and blink when close, and repeating, but it was far from finished, and then there's the other classes. I will be resuming work once my daughter is a tad older and isn't so needy. Right now I am strapped for time, and I do miss working on MaNGOS.
  2. I figured out the problem. The file will not execute the delete statement because an index is not used. This is a "feature" for MySQL and has been for a while. I discovered this by taking just the raw SQL and attempting to run it as an individual query. After disabling the safe updates option, the script ran fine. We need to start specifying indexes for delete statements or this could happen again. Should we update the patch?
  3. I am trying to apply Rel21_11_04_warden_dbdocs.sql to my database. The first issue is one of those invisible characters at the start of the SQL file. After removing it the update runs, but fails. However, there are no errors, it simply fails every time. I do not see a logic issue, but cannot figure it out.
  4. Mobs are also somehow resisting the mage debuffs which make them weak to frost. This is the "Elemental Precision" talent. In the combat log it logs "Mob resisted you elemental weakness". I have also had "Winter's Chill" resisted in the past, but have not checked in the recent month or two.
  5. I am closing this because this was so long ago and it has not happened in years. If somebody can reproduce this in R21, please open a new ticket.
  6. One of the database updates wiped my waypoints out. I am not sure which one, but will begin looking through the updates I ran and try to make heads or tails of it. I restored them using the full DB script for that table and all is good again.
  7. Are you running R21 or R20? What build? With my build from last week all quests involving NPCs pathing has stopped working. It isn't mmaps because regular mobs and such work fine. *UPDATE* I believe I figured it out, to an extent. [code] DoScriptText with source Creature (Entry: 12717 Guid: 33115) could not find text entry -1000501. SD3: EscortAI Start with 0 waypoints (possible missing entry in script_waypoint). [/code] My database was created eons ago and has been updated to the latest version, but apparently the waypoints or something did not update, or something. I will look into it, but something is not right here.
  8. Quest NPCs do not follow their courses... Since the latest update I can not get ANY quest mob to move. I have tried numerous quests including two in Ashenvale (one where you accept the quest and the orc is supposed to attack a bunch of sentinels and one at Zoram'gar where you have to go to an island and kill a hydra) and upon accepting the quest the NPCs simply stand still. These quests worked before, and do not now. Not sure if this is DB, scripts, or server related, so I posted this here.
  9. Antz this was on like, R17. I have not had this bug in several years now.
  10. This affected an older version of the server, I believe R18 or R19. I have not seen it in R20 or R21.
  11. This affects almost any mob. It does damage but won't freeze the mob. I'll speak with Antz and maybe help out here once I finish my current tasks.
  12. Are you saying that if a spell is cast on a target, you can't pickpocket anything? I would be happy to test this if you can explain it a bit more clearly. I also need to know what version of the server you're running.
  13. Just updating this. I updated last night after not being around for a while due t my job and it is still not working. I am currently working on an update to fix various creature scales, a DB optimization script, and have an on-going, long-term project of improving the bot AI in Zero. I will look into this once I finish the creature scale update, since it appears to be almost complete.
  14. I cannot reproduce this. My undead level 60 rogue has a 4.73% crit chance completely naked with no buffs at 60. It is substantially higher all geared up. My mage was 2.11% WITH gear, but mages aren't supposed to do melee. Other classes follow suite. Can another dev check this as well?
  15. I will check them in Linux when I get my work laptop out again (likely Monday). I can then also screenshot it for you, if those are indeed the files with the whitespace up front.
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