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  1. There's a commit now which made the movement better again. How the server acts if it's running longer or with more players, we need to find out.
  2. Olion, he says on NPCs it also breaking before 10 seconds which is wrong. Heartbeat should only work for at players. Maybe you didn't exclude NPCs from your heartbeat system?
  3. The creature you targeted should never run in fear, it should stay no matter what you do to it (except breaking the whole effect of course)
  4. Player Movement completely broken As the title says already. Something broke the players movement. It worked like a charm after Foe's commit because I tested and recorded it right after applying his patch. Now some commits later, it's completely broken. I recorded and uploaded it here: [url]http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=b6exhy%3E&s=8#.VWslDc_tlws[/url]
  5. You should not be able to attack neutral units before you put them into war, that was what I was trying to say. So accidentially attacking them should not be possible while not being in war with them. Sorry if I was unclear.
  6. A cast should be interrupted by vanish, which it's not in the video.
  7. This is not correct chucky. You need to put them on "in war with" on the faction tab to be able to attack them. This is not the blizzlike behavior.
  8. I think this got fixed on zero in rel20 or late 19 cause it's working correctly on zero. cMangos had the same issue. Don't know if they fixed it already though.
  9. Yes there was. But it's fixed now as well.
  10. [url]https://github.com/Patman64/pretbc-issues/issues/1[/url]
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