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  • Rel21_11_04_warden_dbdocs not working...

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      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
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      Version: 21.11 Milestone: Unset Priority: Unset
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    I am trying to apply Rel21_11_04_warden_dbdocs.sql to my database. The first issue is one of those invisible characters at the start of the SQL file. After removing it the update runs, but fails. However, there are no errors, it simply fails every time. I do not see a logic issue, but cannot figure it out.

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    I figured out the problem. The file will not execute the delete statement because an index is not used. This is a "feature" for MySQL and has been for a while. I discovered this by taking just the raw SQL and attempting to run it as an individual query. After disabling the safe updates option, the script ran fine.

    We need to start specifying indexes for delete statements or this could happen again. Should we update the patch?

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