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  2. Alright. I've been debating for the last few days. A friend and I got to chatting about me getting back into programming again and I immediately thought of MaNGOS. So, I think that I am back, but am not positive yet. So, I'm here, but off and on. Sorry if this didn't make the most sense. Feel free to contact me but definitely do not expect an instantaneous response, please.
  3. It's a shame there isn't any way to setup our own torrent provider that can help us internally distribute these files. I'm trying to download right now and Pandaris is giving me a really hard time. Only one seed for it.
  4. Thanks guys. Hopefully, this time, I can actually figure out what I am doing. Antz has contributed some books on C++ and I'm going to be reading those in the very near future and in hopes that they finally make sense. I've been going over some C++ tutorials on the web and they are finally starting to make sense. My two linguistic goals in life...? To learn Greek (R&W) and C++ (R&W). I hope I can accomplish those goals some time soon.
  5. You know, it's a good thing that the community is not like the military or I'd really be in big trouble for being AWOL as often as I am and for as long as I am. LOL Anyway, I just wanted to let the community know that I was back and this seemed the most logical place to do so. I'll try to be around when I can, real life permitting, of course.
  6. Yes. I was up to date at the time, and pulled an update the night before last for SD3.
  7. Leaky Memory Alright. I started my mangosd.exe on 4/7/2016. Here it is on the 9th and Windows just came up and told me that it was running low on memory and that it needed to close mangosd.exe to reclaim the memory. I should have taken a screenshot, but regardless, I will try to recreate the memory leak for a screenshot. In the meantime, here is the uptime table from the database... [code]realmid starttime startstring uptime maxplayers 1 1460064825 2016-04-07 15:33:45 153603 1[/code]
  8. In Caves, Warriors cannot use Charge I just got my M0 core up and running the other night and am finally level 7, the legitimate way. I am playing an Orc Warrior and have had only a small hand full of issues with Develop 21. :) Go Antz. Anyway, inside the cave in the valley of trials where you are suppose to kill the warlock, I can use charge on enemies inside the cave, but not very often. Normally, the pathfinding goes all wonky and I wind up going through the ceiling of the cave and onto the mountain over the cave, where I usually have to kill myself to get back down. ;) Also, I've noticed similar issues outside of the cave systems... It's not as often, but charge still seems to generate some strange pathfinding logic outside of the caves as well. I'll target a scorpion or a pig in the valley of trials and my guy will turn around and charge away from the enemy when I hit charge. Recap: Inside the caves, pathfinding seems to strongly dislike me. Charge puts me on top of mountains. Outside the caves, from time to time, it charges me away from my target. I'd say inside a cave, this behaviour manifests maybe 75% of the time for me, and outside the cave it would be more like 25%.
  9. Warrior and Paladin can't use plate armour Alright. Warriors and Paladins can't use plate armour even after they have learnt plate from their trainers. :(
  10. wolverine


    Alright. I'm trying to work on this but am running into the issue of where respawn rates are controlled. Plus I think I found a [URL="https://www.getmangos.eu/issue.php?issueid=972"]bug in the core[/URL]... 12/2/2015: Alright. I think I got this figured out. I was never able to count the number of ore nodes on a map in live WoW. So, I upped it from 13 nodes on the map to 25 nodes on the map. Once numbers are confirmed and I can get my db patch accepted on github, then we should be all set to go. I figure a few more days on this issue, tops. :) OH! Also, how long between node spawns? I thought I counted like 5 or 10 minutes on live WoW. Not positive, though.
  11. Ore Nodes are working funny... Alright. I'm trying to work on [URL="https://www.getmangos.eu/issue.php?issueid=947"]this ticket[/URL] and I think I found a bug in the server itself... I have Rate.Mining.Amount and Rate.Mining.Next both set to the default 1 in my mangosd.conf. The issue is this... I can mine one single node of ore four times before it disappears. I don't know if I might have screwed something up or not, but this is definitely not normal operation for a ore node.
  12. M0 won't compile past anything to do with ACE... Alright. I have recently gone and formatted a perfectly good Windows 7 box with FreebSD 10.0 which comes with ACE Wrappers 6.2.0, well after 6.0.8 which is what is required for MaNGOS 0. I cannot figure out if a newer version of the ACE Libraries is what is messing me up or what, but as soon as I hit anything regarding ACE in my BSD compile process, the process crashes and leaves me with a ton of .o files.
  13. After two days of working on this, it turned out that the client in question was corrupted and needed to be replaced. Once we got a new copy of the Zero client, everything came together. :)
  14. KillerDragon is unable to connect to his system with the Zero Client. We have a person who has followed the instructions on our end, to configure a Zero server, but he is still unable to connect to his own server.
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