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Branches merged

We have had two branches: Release20 and develop21. develop21 was supposed to be a temporary dev branch, but has been in use for over a year. Well, as of today they are now merged as a single master branch !! I have updated Appveyor and Travis (our test tools) to point to the new branch.




LoadAllGridsOnMaps and why its a pain

Hey all, Been awhile since my last blog entry! So it was back in 2015 we added the "LoadAllGridsOnMaps" option, those of you that have played with it will know it loads all NPCs on whatever map ID you put into the .conf so for example you could put 530 and always have NPCs loaded, pathing and reacting as if players were nearby. Now have I have tested with this the past few months over on Covenant-WoW.com and noticed that while NPCs do path and react to one and another, there is a




New website and email handling

Well welcome to the new getMaNGOS website! It was 2013 when I last performed a big change here at getMaNGOS, that is when I setup the old site that was running on vbulletin. Myself and @antz agreed several months ago that getMaNGOS needed a new site and here it is! You will notice most of the new site is fully integrated, this is because most of the site is designed by me in the Invision Power Board suite which is the software powering this new site. Few new things: You can



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