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  1. You can not ride in map0 area35 -Booty Bay- when you type .gps the systerm show you are indoor.but we are not.
  2. server cash void SetInUse(bool state) { if (state) { ++m_in_use; } // this crash else { if (m_in_use) { --m_in_use; } } }
  3. VC++ crash debug mode server cash and report this
  4. command crash when use comman .ban character xfury 1000000 中文 you will receive a cash D:\Software\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\crt\src\isctype.c Line56 Expression: c >= -1 && c = -1 && c
  5. i have compiled the newest mangoszero server(develop21) but when the server crashed.there is no crash logs. how can i get the crash logs? i used the default setting anyone can tell me? i'm new member

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