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  1. Hi deadmeatius, welcome to the Community! That's good, my advice is to focus on a particular version, to maybe "understand/refresh your know how" of the actual MaNGOS implementation, and eventually go on with others. Sure that the community will help you in case you'll need, remember to take a look to the Wiki where you can find almost all the information needed to start with your project. Have Fun! Tuker
  2. mangos one

    I'm sorry but I don't know if there is any CMS working with MaNGOS. I suggest you to wait the first release
  3. mangos one

    Hi mate, actually we are working to bring to the community a CMS working with MaNGOS. As first Goal we are aiming to full compatibility with MaNGOS Zero. As soon as possible a Beta Version will be available. You'll find updates in the related post:
  4. Thanks! i'm working on it! Right now i'm working on made a clean version that can be easily installed by everyone. It will be downloadable as soon as i end, i'll create a package to share it. I'll Update the main Post with new on feature/implementation details.
  5. mangos two

    All my tests until now are made on a MaNGOS Zero DB. Right now i'm working to set up a clean and working version to run with Zero and to be easly installed. Just as i have a working version i'll link in the refering topic
  6. mangos two

    Hi mate, some time ago i was working on a PHP CMS Project that i was testing on MaNGOS Zero. Unfortunately last months i had no times to keep on with developments. As soon as i can i'll try to make a ZIP with an installable version of an Alpha Stable Version to let people try on their server. Is it what are you looking for?
  7. Welcome to the MaNGOS community!
  8. As said, i've added some Screenshot just to let you see how it's going on. As soon as possible i'll write an update on working in progress
  9. Regarding OpenSource i'm considering it, but i'll take as priority a BETA version of CMS that could be distribuited.
  10. Thanks MadMax for interesting! For PHP7 compatibilty i'll try to run an environment and have a try with it, to see if it run good with it. Currently i forgot to add that also a Armory features is active, to look at the Realm Characters. For character, guild and items look up, i think it should not be a problem, i'll list it to future features. GameMaster Section: There is any existing documentation for the actually implemented GM System game-serverside? Just to figure out what feature i can get from it. The eventually extension for Ticket Management it will be sure usefull. Ability to modify Characters info should be the base to the Istant *LEVEL* system. A system to send items it may be GameMail sending, to simplify and reduce Game DB updates. For remove items it should be done by modifing item_invetory table. Admin Section: For Server Logs do you refer about a file or a db sided log? For Characters Logs do you refer about a DB table? For Config information changing, there is actually an 'hot' config file set feature? Eventually it could be discussed I'll update Post with new information ASAP.
  11. Thanks Gabriele! Feel free to ask or propose anything
  12. Unofficial MaNGOS CMS Hey guys, i'm here to write down some information about a Project which i'm working on, to get some information from community. The project come from a simple need, that could help many people on handling his server information, a Featured CMS for MaNGOS servers. Right now i'm writing based on MaNGOS Zero, maybe the simplest, but i'll sure make it Cross Version. Technical Informations Following the Languages used to develop: Php 7 (after MadMax advices) HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript External Framework used: Bootstrap AlertifyJS TinyMCE jQuery Which are the Main feature of CMS actually? (the percentage reppresent the Development status) 100% - Template Customization System 100% - Module Implementation System 100% - DB Layer Classes 40% - Page Builder 80% - Dynamic Menu Builder 100% - Integrated CMS/Server Login and Registration System 80% - Web Quest Module Some Implemented Modules: 100% - Realm Status - Realms information, about registered and online users (using DB Layer) 100% - Armory - A Realm Character/Guilds listing module, with Character informations (using DB Layer) 50% - Profile Tile - A tile with shortened user information, let you user know about his Account Status etc. (using DB Layer) As soon as possible i'll add a link to download and try by yourself the cms, Future feature that will be implemented (some from community advice): CMS Engine Section Installation Wizard Character, Guild and Items details [*]Admin Section 60% - Newsletter System 100% - News System [*]Game Master Section 100% - Istant Leveling System 100% - Character Info modify feature (MadMax) 0% -Invite a Friend Reward System 100% - Character and Guild lookup (MadMax) I'm open to get Tips and Advice about how go on with development. Hope you appreciate this project! Cheers! Screenshots: Home Page - Mobile Responsive Home Page - Full Size Profile Tile: Armory Example: Quest Example:
  13. Which files have you committed on the repository?
  14. Check my last link! If you want we can synchronize ourself to make work smoother.


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