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  1. Pooling on 13 different sub zones let you have a distribuited randomness. Even because if you look the map the distribution is not equal on every zones. I.e. using only one pool you risk to have all nodes in the right half of the map
  2. Far as i know pools bring some randomness in spawn and prevent gameobject to spawn at the same time. not sure about how spawn points should be done, there isn’t a rule. I think is ok to use available Public data (such ad wowhead), put it in the database and test it. We can always tune it later If we find something odd if you have a full gather db and want to share with the community consider to make a post in the forum
  3. As suggested by @Necrovoice is it good to have pools for spawning Copper Ore vein. So we are actually producing a script to have 13 different pools.
  4. You are probably right. it look wrong to me to, cause If it fit this behaviour, is not si clean in regular behaviour(i.e. A player buying things) Unfortunately from what can i see no relation in the code base between the two event, so far i’m not sure you can easily check if one message has been sent. but i have like 0 experience with protocol and opcodes so i was just trying to figure it out. what i think is that probably is wrong that at Client Side the message it’s triggered with the opcode SMSG_BUY_ITEM
  5. Spawn points situation at the end. 116 new gameobject added. I now need to produce a script and then they will be available for everyone.
  6. Changed Status to In Progress Changed Assigned to Tuker Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  7. I'm working on creating all missing gameobject. As soon as i have a working script i will add it to the repository.
  8. Planned some work to do for fix that. Using this addon attached (tomtom + way) is it possible to use coordinate from wowhead. You just need to click on one of the pin point (in the map) and select TomTom Command (screenshot in attachment). In your clipboard you will have something similar to this: you need to remove the Id after the command /way so the commands became one you use one of those command a Arrow will indicate you were to go for the exact location. Once there you can use the following command to add a Copper Ore Vein. So the server will advice you that a gameobject have been added with a specific Guid. Keep it safe so you can generate a list to export.
  9. From what can i see here Copper ore wowhead its a shortage for sure
  10. Is it shortage in tirisfal or maybe abundance in other places? Have you tried looking for some detail about blizzlike spawn points?
  11. I’ll let you know tomorrow, thx for your feedback
  12. Have you tried commenting the send of packet?
  13. Yesterday i was playing with a Gnome on MaNGOS Zero. Doing quest 'Beer Basted Boar Ribs' in Kharanos (entry id 384 in quest_template) i've noticed that if you buy the item 'Rhapsody Melt' (entry 2894 in item_template) there is a "Rhapsody Malt: 1/1" message that is shown twice. After some tries i've found that in code of Player.cpp this message is actually triggered in two location: - Line 16006 - method SendQuestUpdateAddItem - OpCode: SMSG_QUESTUPDATE_ADD_ITEM - Line 20175 - method BuyItemFromVendor - OpCode: SMSG_BUY_ITEM What i have tried is to comment the sendPacket call in BuyItemFromVendor and tested with the following quests: Quest with entry id 179 and Title 'Dwarven Outfitters' required item with entry id '750' item name 'Tough Wolf Meat'. (this is a collectin quest killing mobs) Quest with entry id 384 and Title 'Beer Basted Boar Ribs' required item with entry id '2894' item name 'Rhapsody Melt'. (this is a killing quest with 1 item that need to be purchased by the innkeper) unfortunately i have no experience with OPCODE or client/server workflow. Not sure if this can be considered a good fix or not or what this comment can involve. Attached there are screenshot before and after commenting line 20175.
  14. Are you doing a clean install or trying to update databases? I suggest you to use new databases for a clean install.
  15. Test on MaNGOS Zero and it works as said by Nezor. No reference on spell used by emanresU and no reply to Nezor answer. This can be considered as working and solved.
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