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  1. mangos one Getmangos stoping when i close putty

    So basically the behaviour is that everyone who want to connect to your private server needs to be connect trough SSH to it? That's correct?
  2. Hi dves, The npc move was known for m2 at least, not the npc add. Have you tried 'npc add' out of Dungeons? I'm currently working on the npc move command for m2, pls use bug tracker and add issues you found for m0 so we can track them and assign to devs.
  3. As i said: So i think it depends on the way you Writed on the .conf file. Quoting Tal: Just write here what did you writed in mangosd.conf file pls.
  4. DataDir refers from Running Directory. So if It is in bin, dataDir refer to /bin/<configured_value> Configuration of DataDir could refer to a Relative or Absolute path, assuming that you installed mangos inside /etc/Mangos/ and your extracted datas are in /etc/Mangos/DataDir/ Following configuration should be fine: DataDir="./DataDir" DataDir="/etc/Mangos/DataDir" In case the path is not Absolute (as the 2th example) the directory will be searched inside of Mangos installation directory.
  5. Probably yes. If i'm not wrong Mangosd require that maps must being extracted by same build version. So if there are not differences on mangosd version you gonna run on Debian and extractor you used on Windows you should be able to use extracted datas.
  6. mangos two Cannot find mangos extract tools?

    Wow client installation is where Wow is installed, yes. So now Just copy All the content of Extraction Tool Folder into the WoW client folder and run ExtractResources.sh as should be written in guide.
  7. Sure, but sometimes happens that scripts aren't updated after some folder structural changes. It's happened even for database installer, so if you are not able to fix scripts Just go manually
  8. You are welcome. Let we know if you are able to build master.
  9. Just take the Master and wait until other Dev branches are merged to Master. Actually don't know how to let you build with SpellRewrite cause i think is a improvement/refactoring still not "stable" and maybe in developement. Maybe @antz knows something about it, but usually it's fine to add bugs related to Master branch.
  10. I suggest you to try not using script and use git manually. Pretty sure that MaNGOS Two should build without any problems. Can you have a try?
  11. mangos three Mangos map extractor error

    So just to recap: - You cloned MaNGOS Three server repo with --recursive and build the solution - Copied all the files that are in the Map extractor folder into the WoW Cataclysm Client folder Once starting Map extractor it crashes. That's right? Any different steps? Do you have a .Log file after opening Map-extractor?
  12. mangos three Mangos map extractor error

    Should you have 'world-server.log' file in MaNGOS Server directory, can you post here the content of file?
  13. mangos three Mangos map extractor error

    Try use the event viewer as previously said, please. Without any kind of Log we can't help you.
  14. Are you using --recursive on git clone for both database and server? Example: git clone https://github.com/mangostwo/server.git --recursive
  15. Hello everyone

    Welcome back z-vap!

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