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  1. Sorry for the mistake, i was pretty sure it was not recommended.
  2. Hi Lenwe, theorically you shouldn't distribute any patches of WoW because it's not compliant to Blizzard policy. You should use your own copy of the game to test your Mangos two server, but not share it. MaNGOS is a learning project and as far as i know doesn't provide a Patch Download module, probably @antz know better than me.
  3. Hi samljer, as you can see in http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Formulas:Mob_XP , in the zero difference section, is ok for you to receive xp from a 48 lvl creature. As described in this link, only creature with -16 lvl will not give you xp at this lvl
  4. It's been a while since the last update. As all of you can see in the description (updated some week ago), I've excluded some feature from the first release. I've also refactored everything to work with CodeIgniter, to let all of you more comfortable in case of customization. Btw, the first release is now in testing and should be available with a little installation guide in a few days (probably on 3rd December). It will be not a Perfect Version and a lot of work is required to be considered as full working, but it's a good start to achieve to have a CMS/Web site for every Test Environment.
  5. Welcome mtp i hope you will enjoy your time here
  6. Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Assigned to Tuker Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to Normal Changed Type to Scripts (Eluna / SD3)
  7. Hi Nalal, i've checked all Peons and sometimes happen that there is a Delay from Spawn of Peons and start of the Working/Sleeping routine, that's why you see them doing nothing, but if you wait a couple of minutes they should start working. It should be an easy fix and i'm just working on it. Btw, Peons react correctly to the Foreman's blackjack ONLY if sleeping of course.
  8. Currently Tim is working on it, thanks for you feedbacks
  9. From wowhead user comments ( http://www.wowhead.com/quest=9433/a-dip-in-the-moonwell#comments ): "...If you are a pet-class remember to dismiss your pet before activating the Robot otherwise you will summon a bot you can't control...."
  10. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=22487/greater-poison-cleansing-totem Added in patch so it should be related to mangos one not mangos zero.
  11. So basically the behaviour is that everyone who want to connect to your private server needs to be connect trough SSH to it? That's correct?
  12. Hi dves, The npc move was known for m2 at least, not the npc add. Have you tried 'npc add' out of Dungeons? I'm currently working on the npc move command for m2, pls use bug tracker and add issues you found for m0 so we can track them and assign to devs.
  13. As i said: So i think it depends on the way you Writed on the .conf file. Quoting Tal: Just write here what did you writed in mangosd.conf file pls.
  14. DataDir refers from Running Directory. So if It is in bin, dataDir refer to /bin/<configured_value> Configuration of DataDir could refer to a Relative or Absolute path, assuming that you installed mangos inside /etc/Mangos/ and your extracted datas are in /etc/Mangos/DataDir/ Following configuration should be fine: DataDir="./DataDir" DataDir="/etc/Mangos/DataDir" In case the path is not Absolute (as the 2th example) the directory will be searched inside of Mangos installation directory.
  15. Probably yes. If i'm not wrong Mangosd require that maps must being extracted by same build version. So if there are not differences on mangosd version you gonna run on Debian and extractor you used on Windows you should be able to use extracted datas.

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