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  1. Hi, I decided to come here to get opitions on how to approach something that I have spent hours on. My server starts everyone at level 10 and at GM Island. What this means is that some classes (like warrior, warlock, etc) cannot simply go to a trainer and learn thing like taunt, summon imp/voidwalker, etc. I don't want to just have some random quest NPC and make the users track down a quest they can't see. I have tried to make trainers on GM island and was hoping to just make the trainers learn the spells via GM command. No go on that. I have went into the npc_trainer dbc but none of the spell ids match. I think its because of quest reward or something.. I need opinions or help cause I am just fried and the point of giving up. Was thinking of some possibilities but cant figure this out. Is there a way to change the default starter spells for the classes affected where they load in with these spells on character creation and entering the world for the first time? Any tips or opinions are so welcomed...help lol
  2. thanks for the reply. It as been a while since I got this but I don't think it was anything more than downloading the compressed file, unzipping it, and clicking the start.bat file. other than downloading some needed Windows programs, that's about it. Sorry this is so dumbed down lol. Is there a way to fix this as is?
  3. Hi, I do not have that file (or those folders it is supposed to be in). I attached a screenshot of the available mangos table that I can modify
  4. Hello everyone, This is my first post so I am glad to meet you all. I have googled this and found pieces of my error but no real exact fix. Every 4 seconds the mangos status window shows the below output for two entries. No errors show or anything, it just shows the LoadPath. It may not be a big deal but I feel like its taking up resources. LoadPath: loading waypoint path for Creature (Entry: 4726 Guid: 28842) and 4649 GUID 27190 Any ideas on a fix for this? Info: Mangos 1.12.1 MySQL client library: 5.5.40 MySQL server ver: 5.5.40 MySQL client library: 5.5.40 MySQL server ver: 5.5.40

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