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  1. On completition os the quest "Crossroads Conscription" (https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=842/crossroads-conscription) NPC Sergra Darkthorn (https://classic.wowhead.com/npc=3338/sergra-darkthorn) supposed to have different reaction according to the character's gender (https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=842/crossroads-conscription#comments:id=3216286) (https://imgur.com/Vh4Wop0 - as a proof of that comment). Now she returns both texts on completition.
  2. Understood. I could say that right now other locations don't have pools for ore spawn
  3. I want to create such gatherer db, but after nodes spawn will be tuned.
  4. And what is the purpose of pools? Not to allow whole the nodes spawn simultaneously? And how is the spawn should be done in classic? I'm lack of info. Btw, it's good idea to bring other locations to the "wowhead" state one by one slo-o-owly. No need to be rush and I even wanna help with TomCat too. (Cause I'm fond of Gatherer addon and wanted to create Mangos Zero full Gatherer_db --> but it could be easier to make it from mangos db info, who knows) If modern wowhead could be a reliable source of info.
  5. Nope, but I'm more than sure that my mensioned quest has the same issue and solution
  6. Same behaviour could be seen during the quest "The Chill of Death" (quest=375) in Tirisfal Glades. Buying Coarse Thread leads to double player notification. But according to the info in description, both issues should have the same solution.
  7. There is a problem with quantity of Copper Ore nodes in Tirisfal Glades. While other 1-10 locations on MaNGOS have 100+ unique entries, Tirisfal only counts 12!~ That's a significant difference. To prove the statement you could: 1) Find out map coords (at least ~), cause db handles map x/y/z as a whole continent. 2) To do this you could get .gps comand output in various corners of the map. 3) Then run a query in DB to get all the Copper ore object nodes spawned at the map. select * from gameobject where id=1731 and map=0 and position_x between 1565 and 3050 and position_y betwe
  8. Oh, thanks! I'll check it during the new year's vacation. Thank you! I think this bug should be closed then.
  9. @My Channel Oops, I thought I posted it in playerbot theme. Sorry
  10. I thought it just needs some changes inside config files. Could you check it later? I can't do it now, but I suppose that this issue could be fixed this way.
  11. my mistake. Used wrong comand syntax. So, If we speak of GUID > Yep, it's them (and also point itself is quite high in the air). wyvern_final.mp4
  12. I tried to use .go creature 6139. Something definitely wrong with their positioning Cause it ported me inside a tavern in Lakeshire 😃
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