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  1. @My Channel Oops, I thought I posted it in playerbot theme. Sorry
  2. I thought it just needs some changes inside config files. Could you check it later? I can't do it now, but I suppose that this issue could be fixed this way.
  3. my mistake. Used wrong comand syntax. So, If we speak of GUID > Yep, it's them (and also point itself is quite high in the air). wyvern_final.mp4
  4. I tried to use .go creature 6139. Something definitely wrong with their positioning Cause it ported me inside a tavern in Lakeshire 😃
  5. server: rel21_16_016 db_structure: rel21_16_47 There are models of wyverns just spawned in the air at Highperch (Thousand Needles). While 2/3 or so models are actually mobs|creatures with stats, movement e.t.c. there are models just spawned in the air without even a possibility to target them. It's annoying cause a player needs to check every "model" around to find out is it really mob spawn or just flying object.
  6. According to info around the internet my suggested solution has wrong chances (But I can't figure out what they should be). Needed an explanation of Dice system and .dbc params. Also my solution overall seems "barbaric", cause mangos code has an opportunity to operate this params, so -> It should be more suitable way to fix this problem without switch/case construction. Both topics require understanding of Dice system params and chances in Spell.dbc + understanding of their handling on server side. It's hard due to shortage of info (could find only 3.3.5 Spell.dbc short explanation of params without any further progress/discussion). Requires a dev review (who knows spell handling server side)
  7. Changed Status to Awaiting Dev Review
  8. @antz fyi If I am right and the food itself should trigger poison at the beginning (not durig process|per sec), so that may fix this (based on chances and Dice params DBC arithmetic for spell 6410): // Scorpid Surprise, special case because chance is set 101% in DBC but has 2 Effects. Wea are using Dice DBC params? // This is the fix attempt that makes this food proc poison (not on tick|per sec) at the beginning with chance based on DBC case 6411: if (urand(1,71) == 1) { m_caster->CastSpell(unitTarget, triggered_spell_id, true); } return; placed into SpellEffects.cpp here But I'm not sure that this is the righ way to fix the problem cause I orient in source code not well at all. After that during tests poison procs not with 100% chance. I could say seldom enough to suit the chance. The main question is it should proc on every sec (too huge chance) or every process start (pretty low). And also: is it right way to fix? Wanted to know about Dice params handling on the server side too. UPD: seems like I was wrong about the chances. Looking for additional info.
  9. It could be connected with Food : Sagefishes not restore health I suppose that something in handling SpellEffects is not suitable for this spells. TriggerSpell function or something nearby.
  10. server: rel21_16_016 db_structure: rel21_16_47 The food Scorpid Surprise should not poison a player every time since the beginning of eating process. It should has a chance to proc on each "+hp" tick According to Spell.dbc the chance is 1:70 per tick to trigger the second effect (poison). scorpid_surprise.mp4

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