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  1. Twilight of the dawn runner - can loot the crate. issues the alliance NPC's kill the escort target (they didnt in vanilla) when shes alive, she does not have the escort option available. Stinky's Escape everythings fine up to the bridge, then the NPC just vanishes, no quest complete. The grimtotem weapon Targets that are dying near the totem (which is working) does not provide progress towards quest completion. - the debuff from the totem also dies and reapplies at a high rate, it should just stay on the target. Corrosion prevention The item works as intended, in the limited areas it should. but doesnt actually do anything to the slimes.
  2. Upon delivery of the kodo for "kodo roundup" in Desolace, you are asked to inspect he kodo, which is fine. but when you do the kodo has a quest available "the quest youre on" but it should have a dialog option saying "inspect the beast" or something along those lines. giving credit for a delivery (you need 5 deliveries). The quest itself shouldnt be on the kodos. i should also note that you clicking the quest on the kodo also does nothing at all. screenshot attched.
  3. When I try it on mine it says "That command is not allowed" It doesnt matter if its a new name, or a character that exists, or any other number of variables.. just "thats not allowed" Same with init; which im assuming is to create a new bot? teleporting doesnt work, making them follow only works if they are in melee range, teleport never worked, and they dont resurrect properly. (to get them to me ive had to use admin command summon players, which does work) the bots are a mess and i wouldnt count on them for anything legit. We have been able to use them in 5 man dungeons with real players doing the tanking and healing, but thier dps is usually is so low that its an all day adventure. also, if a bot dies the whole thing falls apart. other then that, the AI and implementation is just not good enough for anything real. They are meant to be around for a quest here and there, and for that, they work if theres a bot already near by; and another person isnt.
  4. samljer

    Installing MySQL

    5.7.15 working here.
  5. Oh yea, mind if I ask what the most active Core is? IE: which core gets the most attention? the weird thing is many of the bugs on Core2, didnt exist on core1 (tbc) and vice-versa.
  6. Is this being worked on, people on my server running around with 100 ghouls is getting old???
  7. Nope, once a mob goes grey, there should be zero exp, zero honor, etc. Spells that reward off mobs that grant exp/honor (drain soul, etc) should also stop working.
  8. Mobs below a certain level should not be giving EXP... This is the latest version of the server as of Dec 13/17 video proof.
  9. Latest version of server, the spell "raise dead" crashes server. Issues: Should be limited to ONE ghoul... you can have infinite. Should have 3 minute cooldown... there no cooldown at all. Should need corpse dust, or a dead body to cast it.. but it will cast on everything in a 30 yard range, dead or alive, friend or foe, ALL AT ONCE! - doesnt matter. it even will recast off the ghouls from prior casts, the effect is exponential. The corpse dust reagent that is required, is 100% ignored. The pet bar does not appear (it should - this is a permanent pet, like a hunter pet) note: This video shows the base line spell, not the improved version that makes the pet permanent SpellID# 46584. you can tell by the "lasts 1 min." in the tooltip. Tooltip: Raises a ghoul to fight by your side, if no humanoid corpse that yeilds experience or honor is available, you must supply corpse dust to complete the spell. you can have a maximum of one ghoul at a time, last 1 min. Video attached. You can see by the end of the video, I crashed the server. For reference, server is I7-6700k, 32GB DDR4, 10TB storage 2xGTX1080 + 1xRX580, Windows 10 Home retail. EDIT: getting the ability "Master of Ghouls" from the unholy tree the spell changes. it summons 1 ghoul and limits you to 1. however... has issues as well. the tooltip does not update (still says 1 minute duration) the pet bar does not show up. and you can still summon your ghoul off anything.
  10. You cannot turn in this quest because city guards kill you on sight. Cant complete the quest chain to join your faction as death knight. edit: after corpse walking 18492849 times, king varian isnt where he should be.
  11. 1) The scarlet members should -not- give exp when they die by the cannon. ( you could grind to level 60 in 5minutes, they are giving 1600 exp each lel...) 2) the gryphon that takes you back to base moves slower then mud rolling uphill. - longer then my bathroom break! - 3) spell #2 on the cannon does nothing. ( should kill all the guys hitting the canon, but it doesnt work, so you get beat down pretty quick)
  12. 20 years of c++ doesnt prepare you for poor documentation i looked everywhere, and couldnt find a link to the page you just gave.
  13. Which event handler should i use if i want to trigger a script on an NPC for: When player opens a shop: and when player opens text window: either im blind, or being daft today; but i dont see a "_on_chat" or "_on_buy" event. edit: id like the script tied to the NPC, not the player.
  14. I should point out it works when not mounted. but should be working on a mount too.
  15. Pets summoned for quests, or by items, that are attack companions default to "aggressive" and they pull everything in sight constantly, Fix: The default behaviour for these pets should be "defensive", like the "defensive" setting for a hunters pet. They should only attack when you attack, or are attacked. Example item: "dog whistle" item# 3456 "Use: Summons a tracking hound that will protect you for 10min." note: using this item pretty much guarantees youll be in combat for 10minutes. and dont use it in an instance dungeon, its going to pull everything within firing range. Example quest: "The gift that keeps on giving" quest # 12698 Gothik the Harvester at Death's Breach has given you the Gift of the Harvester to use on Scarlet Miners. Create 5 Scarlet Ghouls with the device and return the ghouls to Gothik. note: The quest is the worst, those ghouls pretty much just run everywhere pulling everything for miles.

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