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  • DK spell crashes server.

    • Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Minor
      Version: 22.1

    Latest version of server, the spell "raise dead" crashes server.



    Should be limited to ONE ghoul... you can have infinite.

    Should have 3 minute cooldown... there no cooldown at all.

    Should need corpse dust, or a dead body to cast it.. but it will cast on everything in a 30 yard range, dead or alive, friend or foe, ALL AT ONCE! - doesnt matter.

        it even will recast off the ghouls from prior casts, the effect is exponential.

    The corpse dust reagent that is required, is 100% ignored.

    The pet bar does not appear (it should - this is a permanent pet, like a hunter pet)


    note: This video shows the base line spell, not the improved version that makes the pet permanent  SpellID# 46584.

    you can tell by the "lasts 1 min."  in the tooltip.




    Raises a ghoul to fight by your side, if no humanoid corpse that yeilds experience or honor is available, you must supply corpse dust to complete the spell.

    you can have a maximum of one ghoul at a time, last 1 min.


    Video attached. You can see by the end of the video, I crashed the server.

    For reference, server is I7-6700k, 32GB DDR4, 10TB storage 2xGTX1080 + 1xRX580, Windows 10 Home retail.



    EDIT:  getting the ability "Master of Ghouls" from the unholy tree the spell changes. it summons 1 ghoul and limits you to 1.


    has issues as well. the tooltip does not update (still says 1 minute duration)  the pet bar does not show up. and you can still summon

    your ghoul off anything.


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    Hello, I wish I could say yes that someone is working on it.  We currently dont have any devs that are actively working on M2 core.

    They pick up projects when they can.  It has been a very busy few months for everyone that volunteers there time here.

    If you have an interest in learning please check us out on Discord.  You may get lucky and find someone that can guide you through the correct changes needed to fix the issue.

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