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LoadAllGridsOnMaps and why its a pain




Hey all,

Been awhile since my last blog entry!

So it was back in 2015 we added the "LoadAllGridsOnMaps" option, those of you that have played with it will know it loads all NPCs on whatever map ID you put into the .conf so for example you could put 530 and always have NPCs loaded, pathing and reacting as if players were nearby.

Now have I have tested with this the past few months over on Covenant-WoW.com and noticed that while NPCs do path and react to one and another, there is a big cost... CPU & RAM.

To load everything in a Burning Crusade server you are looking at 4GB of memory easily, this is before you add any players into the mixture.

Today I have disabled the loading of every NPC as it just uses way to many resources. I have also filed a new tracker entry on the subject.

I'm making this blog to see what experience (if any) others have had with this feature and gather some feedback on the subject, do you like this feature? Do you want it expanded? Let me (and us) hear your thoughts on the subject.

The major advantage of loading everything of course is that thing move / path as they are supposed to instead of when a player is nearby to you. I am pushing and will continue to push and remind the team this is something we need to further develop in the future to get a more "blizzlike" feel to the world.

Thats all for now //MadMax



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The 'Living World' option was never designed to just have NPC's active which move about across grids.

For that the NPC's in question need the 'Keep NPC active' flag set in the database:
- There is however a problem, we do not have a definitive list of NPC's per core which should be kept active so their entries have never been updated.


Once we have the list, the DB updates should be trivial.

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This is an interesting answer but the so called keep npc active flag does not work. It has no effect at all. Your npcs for example only react if a player comes close. Then the Scripts starts. But actually the scripts should start even if nobody is close. Same with for example the underground ironforge subway. Its only active if a player goes in the instance. But actually it should be always active. If you do LoadAllGridsOnMaps this problem seems to be solved unfortunately it has negative effects to almost all other facets of the performance of the server. Maybe I am not 100% correct but the npc active flag does not solve the problem I think.

Wait you mean something else the gridacross? Okay. I would say every NPC should have this flag then. Thats my opinion as player. Or I understand it wrong. My problem is that the scripts only starts if player comes close and that is defintiv wrong.

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Setting the flag on all npc's will have the same effect as LoadAllGridsOnMaps.

The option was adding for the likes of the travelling npc's or those with waypoints. i.e. defias trator in westfall.

Can you give me an example of a scripted npc that needs to be always active ?

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Of course antz. Every NPC which goes around like the defias "trator?" in westfall. For example the dragon in netherlands (I hope this is the correct english word). Damn I dont know the English words. The dragon had no waypoints in Release 20. I added waypoints I gave him this flag but he still only moves if a player comes close. So may be we have here a misunderstanding. Okay I think now I undestand. This flag takes care that a NPC is able to go across several grids. Is this right?

Again my problem is that a script should always work not only if a player comes close. Especially if we have NPCs which patrols like the dragon in the netherlands or the dinosaur in un'goro etc. Because if it only works if a player comes close this would mean such a NPC would be always at the same place unless at least one time a player comes close then it starts then it is okay but it should start with server launch. Sometimes you had to search for a NPC a very long time. So in my opinion all scripts should start at server start. All NSCs which patrols and all gameobjects like Zeppelin / subways / ships. But may be I am wrong may be this was in retail like this but I doubt it. Because this would be strange in my eyes.

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