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Branches merged



We have had two branches: Release20 and develop21. develop21 was supposed to be a temporary dev branch, but has been in use for over a year.

Well, as of today they are now merged as a single master branch !!

I have updated Appveyor and Travis (our test tools) to point to the new branch.


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Warden is a automated cheat checker which when enabled will check for any exploits being used on the client machine.

- It's not perfect, but adds an additional level of security to the server.

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Thanks for the response. I'm familiar with what Warden is. I'm wondering if you can go into details as to the functionality though. I want to know what checks it does, etc.

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enum WardenCheckType
    MEM_CHECK               = 0xF3, // 243: byte moduleNameIndex + uint Offset + byte Len (check to ensure memory isn't modified)
    PAGE_CHECK_A            = 0xB2, // 178: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + uint Addr + byte Len (scans all pages for specified hash)
    PAGE_CHECK_B            = 0xBF, // 191: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + uint Addr + byte Len (scans only pages starts with MZ+PE headers for specified hash)
    MPQ_CHECK               = 0x98, // 152: byte fileNameIndex (check to ensure MPQ file isn't modified)
    LUA_STR_CHECK           = 0x8B, // 139: byte luaNameIndex (check to ensure LUA string isn't used)
    DRIVER_CHECK            = 0x71, // 113: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + byte driverNameIndex (check to ensure driver isn't loaded)
    TIMING_CHECK            = 0x57, //  87: empty (check to ensure GetTickCount() isn't detoured)
    PROC_CHECK              = 0x7E, // 126: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + byte moluleNameIndex + byte procNameIndex + uint Offset + byte Len (check to ensure proc isn't detoured)
    MODULE_CHECK            = 0xD9  // 217: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 (check to ensure module isn't injected)

The code above is lifted from Warden.h - These are the types is checks that can be processed by Warden

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