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MangosOne on free hosted cloud servers - success!


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(Forgive me if someone else has posted a how-to like this before, I did try to search for it but could not find.)

TL/DR: I figured out to have a cloud hosted Mangos One server running 24/7 for absolutely zero cost.

Hi there, first time poster, long-time Mangos user (I think I first used it when only Vanilla was out and I was taking a break from retail).
So I was cleaning up some of my old hard drives when I came across my old Mangos installs, so I thought i'd give it another shot. Successfully installed it on Windows using the guides on the site, and played for a good 10 minutes when I remembered that hey, Oracle Cloud gives you two free cloud servers for life, why not try installing it there. I'm already running one as a little webserver, so why not?

Obviously the servers that you get for free are extremely limited -  1VCPU, 1GB memory, and 50GB storage per server (well, 200GB storage over the entire account), but I thought, hey, how heavy can the resource usage be?
I started off by using the built-in template for Ubuntu 20.04, which did not work btw, so for this guide we will settle on 18.04 LTS.
For the most part the installation is exactly the same as the guide on the server, there are just some things you have to do to bypass the poor CPU and memory on the free server.

When it comes to building the maps and vmaps, I chose to rather do the extraction on my home PC. It's got a decent amount of RAM and CPU and the extraction took a couple of minutes. I then zipped up the extracted data, scp'd it over to the web server, set the permissions to the mango user, and copied it into the relevant folders as per the guide. 

When it comes to building the actual mangos files, the memory seems to run out and it will crash at about 90 to 96%, every time. To bypass this, I started up Hyper-V, installed the same flavour of Ubuntu 18.04 on a VM with 8GB memory (4gb will work too) and two virtual cores. I did the git pull and build there, then as per the maps, zipped it up, scp'd to the new host, and extracted there. The final make install can be done on the server itself and does work once the make -j part has been completed.

After that, edit your mangosd and realmd, etc as per the guides, and open the required ports via firewalld (or whichever firewall was installed on your linux OS of choice), and then add the same ports to your incoming and outgoing firewall rules on Oracle Cloud. Also add the wowadmin script (can be found on a guide on this site) to automate restarts of the services and (if you don't want to do it manually) add a cronjob to restart the server itself regularly.

Take note of your public IP in the instances tab in Oracle Cloud (or if you want to be fancy, get a free domain name at myfreenom or similar) and add those to your realmlist.wtf.

My family and friends have been using this for the last week with minimal issues, although after a few days of play it does seem to stutter a bit, hence the cron to automate server restarts, which is a good thing anyway. My next step would be to look at distributing the load and moving the database to a separate instance with LAN-only chatter between mangosd and the mysql instance.

I know I have not really gone into detail, but if anyone is interested, I can flesh out this guide and maybe assist where necessary.

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