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  1. Sorry should have included its for windows version
  2. I have install lichking version - mangos 2/core 2 if I understand you correctly
  3. just trying to run it for the first time and was always kicked after 20 seconds. no modifications made just followed the build instructions. created a second account to try and same occured on this account also. I did have to run easybuild twice though - the second time after antz asked for the log as realmd and mangos were missing, however they appeared after i ran easy build the second time disabled warden in the config and now it's working fine
  4. That appears to have sorted it - Thank you very much
  5. after around 20 seconds player gets kicked from server with timing check error, report below;- Handle data CHECKSUM IS VALID Brumm failed timing check. Action: Kick SESSION: opcode CMSG_WARDEN_DATA (0x02E7) have unprocessed tail data (read stop at 8 from 12) The value of player Brumm at save: HP is: 60 MP is: 0 AGILITY is: 20.000000 STRENGTH is: 23.000000 INTELLECT is: 20.000000 SPIRIT is: 20.000000 STAMINA is: 22.000000 Armor is:
  6. Sorry but no I don't have avast installed, but thanks for the info. now I know not to install avast in the future.
  7. I am new to mangos, databases and software in general ( other than clicking on install buttons). So if I ask stupid questions please forgive me, I will learn over time. I am in my 60's and have played wow on a private server since burning crusade, however after they shutdown I have been unable to find a new server that suits me, so I decided to start my own 1 player version, all hosted on one pc though once i learn enough I may virtualize the server pc. but thats for the future. I will be leaving the database alone once working - at least until i have learned enough to alter things witho
  8. Thank you, they are now where you state however before re running easybuild for the log they were not, i did a search on the root directory and on my whole drive but they were not there so must have been a glitch on first run that was fixed on the second run. Anyway, you have my thanks as i would not have thought to re run easybuild
  9. I have attached a text file containing the log Thanks New Text Document.txt
  10. Hi First off I have no coding experience what so ever, this is my first time with databases. I am trying to build a wow server just for my self to play ( no external connections). I am running windows 10 and have installed mangostwo for wrath of lichking. I used easybuild and have installed mysql 5.7 (although there were a few differences on the install pages to your guide, - possibly due to version differences) and have installed all the options on easy build. however when getting to line :- 28) Double click realmd.exe from the server folder, you should see a screen like:
  11. doggsbottom


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