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  1. WOW!!! amazing! the playerbots are now can go anywhere in outland and the rest of the map! thanks for quick fix sir Antz, sir Henri and the rest of the mangosone team more power to you all! many many thanks! so happy! :)
  2. thank you for the reply, the playerbots are very very stable compare to the when its not fix, however the bot still won't follow, teleport or summon to outland map, but i think for now its ok because i observe it dont disconnect, i test it run and very stable until now my game server did not disconnect compare to when its not fix it only takes 2-12h and the game disconnect. but i know you can improve more on the playerbots, only lacking is cannot go through outland map. thats all thank you! and more power sir Antz and rest of the programmer of mangosone.
  3. Hi, i would like to report a bug regarding ike3 bot, when going to outland map, bot won't follow you even i'm using gm command to teleport the bot to outland but still bot won't follow. its only minor but if your doing instance in black temple its important for player to have bot companion in instance but bot wont follow on outland map, hope this will be fix thats all thank you! more power to the programmer of mangosone!
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