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  1. DaveJ61

    Extracting Game Data

    Hi, that has made no difference. The extracted maps still start with file 2692527.map They both appear to work but produce the same results in that they are missing the earlier maps. Notably the map that mangosd complains about is 0004331.map.
  2. Hi could you please tell me where I could check the required GM levels? Also I maybe interested in making contributions if I knew where to start. For instance, are spells created by in the core or by scripts, or both? Is there a good guide on the big picture and how this is all done? I do have skills in C++ (allbeit a bit rusty) and I have read the guide ... ... but this does not give the big picture on how everything is put together.
  3. I actually thought you responded quite quickly 🙂 - I do indeed have a working copy of MaNGOS 3 running on Ubuntu Server 20.04. This is what I can and cannot do but it is certainly not limited to just these commnds. There are others. I can :- .modify money .modify hp .modify mana .tele <place> I cannot :- .learn <spell> .learn all_crafts .learn all_recipes $profession I do find that some of the syntax explanations are misleading in that a parameter appears to require that it needs to be in square brackets. It does not. There a
  4. Hi, Yes, I have already done this and the commands are not working at all. For example, .learn all_recipes enchanting fails every time, quoting the syntax at me. It does this with all the other professions too.
  5. After getting my MaNGOS Three server running, recently, I have noticed a couple of annoying quirks with my characters. After dismounting, they run at the same speed as the mount they have just dismounted from. Also, when logging in or sometimes dismounting, the characters float a foot or so off the ground.
  6. After getting my MaNGOS Three server running on my UbuntuServer 20.04, I have come across a few commands that are not working at all. The following are the most common ones that work on TBC but don't appear to work on the Cata server... There are others but these are my top wishlist commands. .learn all_crafts .learn all_recipes .modify rep I wouldn't mind a pointer as to how to fix these myself. I do have some programming experiance in C++ but mostly on inux platforms.
  7. Somehow, I have managed to combine both extracted content from this Cataclysm client and a TBC client. Everything seems to be working as expected but will come back later and report my findings.
  8. Thanks Antz, I'll do that. The server is working, however there are other more minor issues which I will start in a new topic.
  9. Here we go again.... I have sorted my problem with SQL syntax errors and make errors but now another issue. It appears that when using the ExtractResources.sh script, not all map files are generated. I end up with a load of files from 2692527.map to 9773232.map. However, when trying to run mangosd, it throw the following error:- Check existing of map file '/opt/wow/gamedata/maps/0004331.map': not exist! Correct *.map files not found in path '/opt/wow/gamedata/maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files in '/opt/wow/gamedata/vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories or
  10. Ok... I have managed to solve the SQL syntax error. It appears the 1064 error was caused by the use of reserved words, so I have encapsulated them with backticks. ALTER TABLE `groups` ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC ENGINE=INNODB; ALTER TABLE `group_member` ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC ENGINE=INNODB; These were on lines 77 and 78 of the Rel21_05_001_update_deprecated_ROW_FORMAT.sql update file.
  11. As well as the above errors, I've spent many, many hours on trying to get this working and there clearly are many problems with missing files and sql syntax errors. The below is from a fresh installation. And it shows that the Rel22 directory of updates is missing as well as a syntax error. ls: cannot access 'World/Setup/FullDB/Rel21/*.sql': No such file or directory Creating realm database realmd Loading data into realm database realmd Updating data into the character database character3 Applying update Character/Updates/Rel21/Rel21_05_001_update_deprecated_ROW_FORMAT.sql ERROR 1064 (4200
  12. Hi Antz, Here is the contents of that 7z file and 21_02_003 does not exist... Do you mean 21_02_03? If so, that's pretty much all of them, and I have already tried and get this:- ===== Status ===== ===== DB is on Version: ===== * UPDATE FAILED * creature_template changes Here is the contents of the 7z file and I can't see how this is going to work... [email protected]:~/db/World/Updates/Rel21/Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates$ ls mysql Rel21_11_004_item_9574_text_update.sql Rel21_01_00_db_version.sql R
  13. I really don't understand this at all. I do the updates and all that happens is that [B] gets bigger. There are no more updates. Why isn't this done on first installation - I understood that it should be up-to-dateo... Using configuration file ../etc/mangosd.conf. OpenSSL 1.1.1g 21 Apr 2020 (Library: OpenSSL 1.1.1g 21 Apr 2020) Using ACE: 6.4.5 World Database total connections: 2 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/mangos3 MySQL client library: 8.0.23 MySQL server ver: 8.0.23-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]
  14. Yes. Copying them to the Cataclysm wow client directory...
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