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  1. not too shabby got a little arm pc. wonder if the read/write will corrupt the sdcard. i havnt gotten my player bots to move yet. i had turned them off for more testing of the server. i have played for a couple hours today without any problems. i wanna whip up a small registration site to handle the account settings in the database.
  2. same on my rpi3. bots just chill there, I've spawned them in manually and its the same. probably a bug. haven't seen the memory access failure yet. its trying to access mem that isn't there. probably while saving the world. how's the server run on the pi 4? how fast does it start up? wonder how these little raspberry pis handle a few more accounts logged in. are you running raspberry pi os in cli or gui? the gui can steal all your ram another thing that helps with raspberry pi is installing zram. its a swap file. Raspberry Pi Performance: Add ZRAM and these Kernel Parameters (haydenjames.io)
  3. the github fix worked perfect. you guys are the best devs ive ever dealt with. such a quick fix. i was reading the notes about it. was it the game time bug? i wish i knew a lil more about c++ ... anyways thanks alot and keep up the awsome work
  4. thanks ill give them a shot in a lil bit. thanks for helping out. you guys here are the best!
  5. didnt try bots. yes the pi is overclocked and cooled. 1500mhz, overvoltage and custom kernel. ran fine except for a bug on the zero server. it appeared both on the gaming rig and pi. pretty much followed the install guide for debian 9. has mariadb, openssl, ssh enabled, and lamp server installed with no desktop enviroment (raspberry pi os uses alot of ram) pretty fun lil experiment for a tiny server. i also run a mcmmo server with a few plugins just fine on it got a raspi compute 4 coming in the mail soon which would work perfect for this in the near future.
  6. reinstalled wow, reinstalled mangos with easybuilder, recompiled maps, vmaps, mmaps, and dbc, whiped and reloaded the database, and i still have this bug. even with MangosOne the bug is there. the client claims i am too far away to attack
  7. and also spams this: DB-SCRIPTS: Process table `db_scripts [type = 3]` id 1162501, command 22 for source Creature (Entry: 11625 Guid: 28714) (in world), target Creature (Entry: 11625 Guid: 28714) (in world) DB-SCRIPTS: Process table `db_scripts [type = 3]` id 1162501, command 22 has buddy 11564 not found in range 60 of searcher Creature (Entry: 11625 Guid: 28714) (data-flags 7), skipping. could it be related?
  8. mangosd spams messages simmilar to this Creature (GUID: 5965 Entry: 495) moved in grid[12,29] from cell[3,12] to cell[3,13]. Creature (GUID: 28023 Entry: 4692) moved in grid[29,34] from cell[8,2] to cell[7,2].CreatureEventAI: Event type 1 (script 26301) triggered for Creature (Entry: 263 Guid: 4186) (invoked by <no invoker>)
  9. ive tried with gm on and gm off when attacking with the mobs my character just stands there. the mob will also just turn to my character stand still without attacking back. ive logged and login back in and attacked the same mob and i can hit it only once then nothing. i will create another account and try. i have been testing the server with the administrator account.
  10. I am currently unable to attack or be attacked by creatures. could it be because of the dbc, maps, vmaps or mmaps i am using? I can supply logs if necessary.
  11. I started an orc warrior and it was the first set of quests with the boars. haven't tinkered with it much yet
  12. i am currently playing with a mangoszero server compiled on raspberry pi 3b+ the extractors didnt want to run in raspberry pi os. (im sure it woulda taken days) had to run them on a windows machine. (wow is installed there anyways) have a bug that prevents me from attacking mobs so far. but the pi seems to run mariadb well as well as the realmd and mangosd. i suggest booting the pi into commandline cause the gui used too much ram by its self.
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