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  1. Alright, i understand. Thank you for the assistance and i appreciate the work you guys do, have a good day!
  2. I will build from scratch if necessary but the whole point is just to fix the SQL error, thats all i want to do. If you can tell me how to i'd appreciate it
  3. Also i am running a windows server, i am on windows 10 myself
  4. I can provide a link and the only problem is when i tried to do it fresh from the start i had issues, not very good when it comes to this so the easy video helped me, if theres anyway i could fix this without having to do a server fresh myself id appreciate it, just have trouble doing it myself. Anyways heres the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veAvx590obg&ab_channel=dodgykebaab
  5. Also i had gotten the tutorial from youtube with a pretty much pre-made server, all i had to do was start a .bat and change some settings and i was good to go because i'm not super great at this myself. It was by a guy named Dodgykebaab (Super Easy guide to create your own Vanilla 1.12.1 Private Server) At this point i'd even settle for a way to wipe everything and remake the server if its easier, just wanna be able to play again. Thanks for any help!
  6. Sorry to be confusing, what i had meant to say was the MangosZero server was the one having issue, it started after i attempted to make a wow 3.3.5 server and now am unable to login to either. (The errors are from the MangosZero server) Im not sure what the errors mean or how to fix them, sorry if i can't be more specific but ill provide any info i can
  7. So i had made a private server for vanilla wow 1.12, and after a week or so of playing and tinkering with a 3.3.5 server, i went to start it today and it had said SQL: UPDATE account SET active_realm_id = 0 WHERE active_realm_id = '1' SQL ERROR: Table 'realmd.account' doesn't exist now im unable to login to it and im not sure what to do, im not very good with this, but i was hoping someone could answer so i could try to start playing again. any help is appreciated!
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