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  1. I thought of that too but im simply copy and replacing my old realmd file with the new one. If I put the old file back works fine. What would I change to make it find the file? Update, Tried launching just the mangosd file and it said it can't locate the mangosd.conf file even thought its the same folder.....so im at a loss OMFG I think I just figured it out. For some reason the mangosd and realmd exe are pointing to the serverTwo_install folder instead of my custom folder I made. Anyway to change that?
  2. Not to make a bad situation worse but I do have an official answer for you. Basically what happened is as they are developing each version of the game they are focusing more on quests bug fixes ect. From what i' told they did do a few zones with the correct spawn nodes for herbs AND ore nodes but they stopped shortly after because of the amount of tedious work it takes. Personally i've gone through all the way up to mithril and populated my zones manually. Unfortunately its not a build problem or a messed up DB problem its actually just that way because of them not having enough time to really tackle the issue. I think im up to around 2000 nodes i've placed.......lol
  3. So I compiled an update for my wrath client and didn't change anything since the last compile. Gave me a few different things that didn't make sense to me. Mangos easy build shows that i've got the correct requirements. I build it under visual studio 14 2015, build type release. I get a bunch of "not found"when its generating the project. pthread.h - not found,dlfcn.h - not found,strings.h - not found,fseeko - not found and unistd.h - not found. When I build the project I dont get and errors or failures. But when I go to launch the realmd it just fails to launch. No errors just black box and closes itself. So if anybody could provide some insight into what I might be doing wrong id appreciate it. Easy build log.txt
  4. Oh thank you man, I didn't even realize I asked this question already. I had a concussion recently so i've been missing chunks of time. Sorry for asking the same thing twice.
  5. I was wondering if its at all possible to use the classic client that they used for the WoW classic demo on mangos zero. Theoretically they are the same version 1.12 so mabye its a possibility for someone to figure out? Figured since blizzard gave a few feature updates to the client maybe we could take advantage of that.
  6. Just wondering if this is working in mangosone? I had one of my friends go there but it didn't seem like it was working. If not is it something I would have to implement myself or is it there but just glitched?
  7. Was wondering if its possible to get the blizzard classic 1.12 client demo that they released to work with mangos zero?
  8. Honestly im not sure on this issue myself, I've got a buddy that only him he gets between 500-900 ping and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I just switched to a solid state for my server so ill see if maybe it was a hdd latency issue or not.
  9. Aw, Well I just went through and did all the zones for mining up to mithril and that took me about 5 hours. just eyeballing it. BUT that being said I greatly appreciate the devs doing the work on those zones because it saved me alot of time in the end.
  10. And out of curiosity is there any reason why some zones are completely populated with mining/ herb nodes in the correct areas but other zones are completely barren?
  11. Anyway to automate the player account creation? So that when someone logs in to the server for the first time it makes the account?
  12. Just wondering where the mounts/companions are listed for characters in the DB. It hasto be somewhere, I just can't find it. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Is there anyway to change the way an item looks that is equipped to a character? Not really a permanent change just a temporary one simliar to like transmog.
  14. So basically I dont have access to anything lich king related. Tried changing the players account expansion from 1 to 2 and it still doesnt seem enabled. any help would be appreciated.
  15. This is a weird question but, I did a bunch of work on the mangos one server i have as far as the mining nodes are concerned. I had to add a bunch in for each zone since they are mostly missing. My question is, if I export my gameobject DB from my 2.4.3 to 3.3.5a server. Would there be any issues with moving them over? I just rather save myself the time of having to insert mining nodes in another 40 zones again.
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