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Client not compiling correctly



So I compiled an update for my wrath client and didn't change anything since the last compile.

Gave me a few different things that didn't make sense to me.

Mangos easy build shows that i've got the correct requirements.

I build it under visual studio 14 2015, build type release.

I get a bunch of "not found"when its generating the project.

pthread.h - not found,dlfcn.h - not found,strings.h - not found,fseeko - not found and unistd.h - not found.

When I build the project I dont get and errors or failures.

But when I go to launch the realmd it just fails to launch.

No errors just black box and closes itself. 

So if anybody could provide some insight into what I might be doing wrong id appreciate it.

Easy build log.txt

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I thought of that too but im simply copy and replacing my old realmd file with the new one. If I put the old file back works fine. What would I change to make it find the file?

Update, Tried launching just the mangosd file and it said it can't locate the mangosd.conf file even thought its the same folder.....so im at a loss

OMFG I think I just figured it out. For some reason the mangosd and realmd exe are pointing to the serverTwo_install folder instead of my custom folder I made. Anyway to change that?

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