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Current DB content is wrong



I did the update through the installdatabases script and after I stated up the server from the compile I get this,

You have not updated the core for few DB {World} updates!

Current DB content is 18, core expects 12

This is of for now but should not last long.

Im assuming its a stupid easy fix Im just not sure how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

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The underlying idea was to track core to DB correspondence. To maintain it strictly, every each DB update must be followed by the core update, namely of this file. The world DB parameters are at present:

    #define WORLD_DB_VERSION_NR 21
    #define WORLD_DB_CONTENT_NR 12
    #define WORLD_DB_UPDATE_DESCRIPTION "Commands_update"

Here is the content version 12 of which the core complains while getting 18 from the world DB. If you want to get rid of the startup error, change the value of WORLD_DB_CONTENT_NR and build again. However it is quite safe to ignore the diagnostics about DB content. If the DB structure would not match, the core will refuse to start.

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