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Day 2: Working with the data



Now that we had the data in the DB it was time for the next step.

I wrote a quick app to read through the DBC table entries and add an entry to dbcFile, I also wrote a helper function to calculate the client masks based on the selected core.

Worked like a dream :D

I then extended it to use the second query to populate the dbcField table with the fields from each dbc file.

Next I also added a function to read the DBC_definition.xml from mangos extractor to populate any additional information held in the file regarding the fields.

Finally to top off this section of work, I created a template example in the new wiki so that I could:
a) Check that it looks ok
b) Can double check that the data is extracted ok

Next stage will be run the entire process to squirt the data out and create all the entries.




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