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Day 1: starting out new



For many many years now I have found the DBC handling in MaNGOS odd in that (to me at least) it is a perfect candidate for moving the data into a database, but has always been shunned

Using the Mangos Extractor (found in the MangosTools github repo), the data can be extracted into sql files which can then be loaded into the db.

Why bother you may ask ?

1) Having the data in a db and mangos access it from there means that the facility to correct DBC 'bugs/errors' on the server becomes an option, rather than having 'hacks' in the code to correct them

2) Having the data in a DB means that Mangos DB references can be compared to DBC references 'on the fly' to check for any discrepancies.

3) The Wiki needs the basic information regarding DBC use and fields anyway.


I had started on a design for this late last year - Which is why there is some DBC information on the Wiki

But earlier this year, I was looking to bring a few of my DBC related 'side' projects together as a single project.


DBC to SQL convertor (Mangos Extractor)

DBC SQL importer Scripts

DBC Data Remapper Tool - For wiring up which DBC files / fields belong to which version of WOW

DBC Wiki entry creator

DBC Docs Editor (Based on the DBDocs Editor) - Including Reading / Creating the .XML files which the Mangos Extractor uses to map the fieldnames




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