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Day 1: getting the data into a DB



Using the tool Mangos Extractor, I have extracted the DBC's from MangosZero, MangosOne, MangosTwo and MangosThree

- I made a slight change to each of the files to change the tablenames from dbc_xxxx to dbc0_xxx - which 0 is the core number

I then loaded then all into a new database a created called DBC (imaginative I know :D)


The next part is mainly for use with the Wiki part of the project, but is applicable to all.

For Each core in the DB we need to:
- Get a list of all the tables and store them in a dbcFiles table along with which core they belong to
- Get a list of all the fields and properites in the tables and store them in a dbcField table along with which core they belong to

For now, that should enough to have a proper proof on concept

I'll add at this point that I am also working to incorporate localised client DBC files into this as well



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