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About this blog

A Blog detailing the progress towards the Release 21 of Mangos Zero

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A Day off !!

I spent most of yesterday in hospital having a minor operation done, since i'm home and a little drowsy.... decided it's best if I don't touch anything important




Mangos Zero branches are now merged

@Unkle Nuke has completed the merging of the various branches of Mangos Zero server and database repos and I'd like to express my gratitude for his work on that as it was not an easy task. You might want to re-clone your repos to ensure that you now have the latest changes !! He is now turning his attention to Mangos One and Two to perform his magic there too !!




Sorting out the branches

With Mangos Zero (and too a lesser degree Mangos One and Two) we have been developing on the develop21 branch, while the master branch has remained untouched. This was only supposed to be a short term thing and has ended up being continued for over 2 years. Part of the changes will be to merge the two branches into a single branch again (master) and we will only use another branch when adding special development tasks which require group input. @Unkle Nuke has volunteered to help




Getting started

It's been a long long time since we last did a full release of Mangos (any of the cores) and it's long overdue. This is a blog to explain what we're doing and why, plus should hopefully act as a guide for when we do this next time.



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