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Dragonblight Rework - Part 4



Hello everyone :ph34r:
I wanted to give an update on my most recent working within the Dragonblight before I go away on my much needed vacation.

My most recent endeavour to correct the spawn locations of the many Arctic Hare has been a very slow and daunting one. What started in the Dragonblight spilled into the Borean Tundra and Zul'Drak. But I am happy to say that this portion is about 75% complete. 

In addition to the ever troublesome dust bunn..I mean Arctic Hare, I have poked around with three other things

* Smoldering Skeletons now properly display their aura and have had their cosmetic aura added.
* Golluck Rockfist of Wyrmrest Temple now has a patrol path

* Add Missing Wyrmrest Protector as well as removed a few that should not be there

I hope you all enjoyed the update and I will see you all next week


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