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Blogs covering Nerovoice's development projects on MaNGOS.

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Dragonblight Rework - Part 4

Hello everyone 
I wanted to give an update on my most recent working within the Dragonblight before I go away on my much needed vacation. My most recent endeavour to correct the spawn locations of the many Arctic Hare has been a very slow and daunting one. What started in the Dragonblight spilled into the Borean Tundra and Zul'Drak. But I am happy to say that this portion is about 75% complete.  In addition to the ever troublesome dust bunn..I mean Arctic Hare, I have poked around with three other things * Smoldering Skeletons now properly display their aura and have had their cosmetic aura added.

* Golluck Rockfist of Wyrmrest Temple now has a patrol path * Add Missing Wyrmrest Protector as well as removed a few that should not be there

I hope you all enjoyed the update and I will see you all next week




Dragonblight Rework - Part 3

Today I bring you a quick update on the Rabbid Grizzly and the Blighted Elk that roam the Dragonsblight. Reworked all spawn locations and removed a huge amount of duplicates. I have added a before and after picture of an area that showed the most obvious improvement.  




Dragonblight Rework - Part 2

Although it has only been one day from my opening post, I have been working on the Arctic grizzly and Arctic cubs for about two weeks now. I am happy to say 647 waypoints with a total of 776 lines later, they now are working correctly. (As of this writing they still require some scripting) The Arctic Grizzly and cubs now have the following corrections
Spawn locations.
Spawn Locations.
Linking - slave/master/flags.
21 duplicates removed between the two. (Moved)




Dragonblight Rework

Hello everyone, I thought the work I have been doing on Dragonblight would be a great opportunity to start my first blog. This is the largest and most complex undertaking  I have ever taken on here at MaNGOS and wanted you all to be a part of its progress. As a side note and something I would like every reader to keep in mind is that the when I speak of "progress" or "percent completed" it is based on the personal end goals I set for myself when the thought of doing an overhaul on the zone first came to be.
So sit back and enjoy some cake.   Base Project Outline (In no particular order) 1) Waypoints
  1-1) Add missing waypoints
  1-2) Update current Waypoints
  1-3) Remove incorrect/unused waypoints 2) NPC spawns
  2-1) Add missing NPCs
  2-2) Remove duplicate NPCs 3) NPC linking 4) Scripting
   4-1) db_scripts
   4-2) AI_scripts
   4-3) Potential for SD3 / Eluna  5) Quests 6) NPC updates
  6-1) Faction Updates
  6-2) Gossip
  6-3) Flags
     6-3-1) NpcFlags
     6-3-2) UnitFlags
     6-3-3) DynamicFlags
     6-3-4) ExtraFlags
  6-4) miscellaneous Attribute updates 7) Npc cosmetic tweaks 8) Game Objects 8) Data cleanup and submission 



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