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  1. I had to stop using bots because it would spawn them endlessly. No one fixes this since it's third party and they dropped support. VERY SAD.
  2. Thank you for your updates recently on Mangos Zero. Your work on bringing the systems and requirements up to today's standards (MySQL, SSL) has proven to be invaluable for server owners everywhere. The entire Mangos team doesn't get enough recognition in my opinion. You are the basis for other emulators and the standard in educational programming. Please, keep up the great work.
  3. Okay, you made up my mind for me then. I will make it for myself. You, yes, just you, made this a very simple decision. I don't need to waste anymore of your or my valuable time with pesimistic, unappreciative verbal jousting. It's not valued or appreciated? Okay, lock this thread and close it. I will do it for myself and TrinityCore. Very disappointing attitude and responses.
  4. SURE! Now I need guidance to the login formats. I do Stack work mostly. I own my own full stack dev company, so once I get the info, off I go. I don't just talk about stuff, I do. So, I will let you, a developer, know when I have implemented this cool plugin. 😜 I'm just surprised no one has bothered to do it yet. That's not a good sign for longevity of the emulator.
  5. Important. Maybe we should upgrade the install guides and links to the distributables. Seems a lot of people have no idea that MySQL and SSL had been updated. I didn't until email releases. The new improvements make installation and upkeep even easier! Seems like without web side registration or registration tools, the popularity of Mangos is dropping signifigantly. (Even though the GM commands list is out there, you STILL HAVE TO HUNT FOR IT) It is my opinion that these factors (besides playerbots being horridly busted) makes players and GM's stay away. With the new improvements, I don't know why it isn't on the front page.
  6. Thanks. I can switch forms on the fly, which in turn, I can switch the authorization method as well.
  7. Okay, I guess no one wants this. Consider it a private project. Please close thread.
  8. What config file? There is nothing posted. The config in Mangos has nothing to do with web account creation. (Besides DB connects) WP needs a little formatting on top of that to work.
  9. I can make one, just need to get the login details or scripting that exists would help get me started fast! Please link me to scripting for account creation and and scripting that pre-exists that works and I'll convert it to work on WordPress. This plugin is long overdue.
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say Thank You for the updates to Zero. They were long past due. The new MySQL and cleanup is awesome!

    Please keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  11. Unfortunately, Playerbots on Zero generate tons of bots at the server start and it doesn't stop. Needs fixed badly. Shout out to MadMax for the Zero updates lately! AWESOME WORK!!!!!!
  12. Please make mangos run on updated versions of MySQL and MARIA as it is getting harder to obtain the older versions for 64-bit


    AiPlayerbot.RandomBotAutoCreate = 0 does not seem to be working. Every time I start my server ~450 bots are created. Was this the intention? Am I looking at the wrong setting? Also, is it possible for me to create characters myself and use them as bots when logged on a different character? 

    1. madmax


      Hi, playerbots its very outdated and buggy in it's current form. Also these questions would be better for a forum topic then my profiles status feed ;)

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