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  1. The final goal is players just can be resurrected by other players or their own spells like soulstone/reincarnate, also i want to make a 15 minutes limit to simulate body rot, then their bodies turn in to bones and cannot play anymore. The other goal is remove the chat, just /s and /yell must work. I want to do a kind of "realistic" server
  2. Finally I managed to avoid players resurrect by reclaiming corpse or spirit healer, but can still being resurrected by player spells. I do it removing some of opcodes and voids over the code. The problem is they can resurrect if they die inside a instance just going through the instance portal I noticed players can only reclaim their corpses in the instance they died, so I assume there is a "flag" or any kind of marker associated to it, and maybe removing, or avoiding they get it is the way to meet my goal. What is the part of the code associated with that? Another thing I want is to remove the interaction with the spirit healer, or at least remove the button of its menu. But I can deal with some useless buttons for now, my first goal is avoid resurrecting entering instances. Thank you again
  3. Thanks Olion. I like your solution of filtering the channels in chat, I think its easier and more stable than removing them. I see the resurrection matter is the most complicated. Maybe a cleaner way to manage the resurrection is simply to avoid the player release the spirit from the corpse. After all there is no point in ghost mode if you cant do nothing being a ghost, with this solution i avoid to deal with every situation in ghost mode and they can be resurrected by player spells and jumper cables. What do you think about this?
  4. Hi, im new to this forum, I reached it looking to do some experiments with vanilla, I have a little experience as programmer and i want to do a special server for me and some friends. My idea is to do a permadead server with no chat, just say and yell must work. I was looking over the code and i find some interesting sections but i want to ask the gods, you, if my hints are right. First I find in corpse.cpp a the line that determines the distance for corpse reclaiming, so I guess I can change that distance for a negative value to make it impossible to reach. About the spirit healer stuff i find a line in spellmgr.cpp and i assume this controls the resurrection by spirit healer, but i dont know how it works. The issue with the spirit healer can be do in different ways, my other idea is to spawn it below the floor in order to make people unable to use it. About the chat I found some archives, i cant find how /say and /yell works but i found some lines about trade, city and that kind of global chat i dont want in the server. As I said I just want /say and /yell, no guild chat, no trade, no general, no nothing in order to make it more realistic, because dead people cant talk. In short, i want to make resurrection only available from other player spells or reincarnation/soulstone and i dont want chat further than as far voice can reach, meaning voice /yell Do you think this is possible? Thank you for reading, im waiting for your answers and thank you for this incredible project to the MaNGOS team
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