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    • Hello @Magissia! Compatibility of using different databases are very low as each project has their own structure builds for the databases. Migration from one project to another is possible but with a list of caveats. As for migrating account data, those structures haven't changed much since Mangos prime days. But here are a list of caveats you need to be aware of below. - Migrating character data with no data loss is vary slim and will require resetting most progression such as Skills, Skill Bars etc. - Character mail, auctions and some achievements as they are realm specific - such as Realm First Achievements. This does include some gifts as well. - Inventories of players can be the most pain in the butt when it comes to migration into existing database of players. New entries will need to be generated to fit the data without overwriting existing character data.   If the destination database is empty, it's straight forward then. I've done a few migrations for some people that have requested it, but only have had 89% success rate with Mangos related projects. E.g. Mangos -> Trinity for example. When migrations are within the same project like Mangos Zero -> Mangos One, the success rate is much higher. If you want to chat about this on a deeper level, message me here or find me on Mangos Public Discord.
    • Hello,  What is mangos compatibility in term of database between mangos core numbers and with other projects like cmangos, trinitycore? Would it be far fetched to be able to migrate characters from mangos zero to mangos one without losing character progression? then mangos one to trinity core?  Up to which point the account database could be shared? Or even the auth server? 
    • Hi,   I had the same problem today. I think my client didn't include all the assets or wasn't fully downloaded yet. I had a client with a size of ~9gb. After that, I downloaded a different client with a size of 15 or 16gb and ran the extraction scripts there. It got me all the missing maps and I could start the server from there on. Hope this helps
    • I have problem with  this Please check for the existence of map file '../maps/00004331.map'  * File not exists , i was trying download dbc, map, vmap and mmap > missing 00004331.map and i was trying use script ./ExtractResources.sh correctly done but again missing 00004331.map. I am confused, where is problem ? Thank you.
    • Da gibt es einen Channel "help-and-support" für solche Fragen, ggf. kann dir da jemand mit den Extraction Tools weiterhelfen.
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