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  • How do I help translate MaNGOS?

    There are two ways to help us translate MaNGOS content..

    1) Request access to the Mangos Online Translation Editor (MOTE) which is part of our MAGNET application. This is by far the easiest method as no knowledge of GIT or other systems is required.

    2) visit https://github.com/MangosExtras select the core you wish to work on, then edit any of the files in Translation_TODO and then submit your changes as a PR.

  • What languages does MaNGOS support?

    Mangos and WOW support 8 languages 'out of the box':

    Spanish (South American)

    In Addition to the above a small dedicated team have also generated a lot of translations for Italian !!
    Although this is not natively supported by the earlier clients, they can be loaded via a method we have devised.


    How does the Mangos Translation Method differ from other projects?

    All the text strings have been loaded into a large translation database and linked up to where they are used.

    What this means is that if you translate a phrase once, it is translated everywhere else it is used automatically.

    Plus since all the cores are loaded together, a translation for one core will quite often benefit the other cores as well

  • The Current translation Progress (as of September 2020)


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