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  • Installing Visual Studio 2022 (Community)


    I've deliberately taken some text from the visual studio 2015 (made by antz) installation for consistency.

    This install assumes that the Windows OS is patched to the most recent.

    1) Download the installer from: VS2022

    2) There are some settings which must be changed from the defaults for MaNGOS to work correctly !!

    3) Once you have clicked on the installer, you will be taken to this page

    You have to click on what is circled in red :



    4) At this step just click on "Desktop development in C++" and click on install. (sorry my version is in french).



    5) The rest of the install is standard.

    You have to wait for the installation to finish.



    7) At the end this image appears - no need to log in, just click on ignore for the moment.


    😎 Choose your preferences and click on start/launch.


    9) Click on create a new project.


    10) To check that the VS2022 is correctly installed, try to create a new c++ solution (Win32 Project).

    Selected windows desktop application (++) and click on next.



    Choose your project parameters (name, place...)




    If you get to a screen similar to the following, then you are good to go and you will be able to build mangos.



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