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  • Camp Taurajo Horde Guard on Bio Break

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: missingnpc
      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Low
      Implemented Version: 2.0.11

    Horde Guard coordinates place it in the void - not in the game world

    FIX - See proposed fix just above the images

    MaNGOS: Zero
    CORE: Rel20
    DATABASE: Rel20

    The coordinates of one of the Horde Guards, places it outside of the game world.

    I teleported to its coordinates and found my toon in Nowhere Land, a void, outside of the world. After a short while my toon was sent to the graveyard.

    To locate where this guard should go:
    - I sorted the Horde Guards (listing generated by Horde Guard ID 3501 on the mangos.creature table) into numeric order based on the X coordinate, then seeing the coordinates of the closest Horde Guards in the list, and that their X and Y coordinates were VERY close, I then teleported to one of them, and landed my toon in Camp Taurajo.
    - I then acquired a Z coordinate there, and changed the lost Horde Guard's Z coord to that value.
    - Restarting the database and game server, I found the (ex) lost Horde Guard outside of the Inn. Some way towards the back, right hand side as you look at the Inn.

    Looking online for for images of the Camp Taurajo Inn, it looks like the guard should be positioned on right hand side and closer to the front, although it's hard to tell from those images, and it's hard to tell if what I see is even an NPC.

    Looking at other buildings in Camp Taurajo, they all have 2 Horde Guards either side of the building or its main entrance, so I reckon it's safe to say our AWOL Horde Guard should do the same, and be positioned on the right side of the building as you face it (SEE BELOW IMAGES). Or you could just changed the Z coord, as I did originally, but the NPC does look a little out of place.

    Current Coordinates (nowhere bound, or say hello to the void):
    X: -2517.043946
    Y: -1972.524902
    Z: 91.783798

    Recommended Coordinates
    X: -2376.782227
    Y: 1962.498413
    Z: 96.087646

    SQL Script Fix (this will place our AWOL Horde Guard back on guard duty)
    UPDATE creature SET position_x = -2376.782227, position_y = -1962.498413, position_z = 96.087646, orientation = 0.773024 WHERE guid = 19382;



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