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[funct Request] Agressive And Defensive Movement Generators

Guest TurinTurambar

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I think in some cases we need and in others will make easier to do thing if we had Agressive and Defensive Movement generators. How should them work?

Agressive movemet generator:

* Mob will walk/run from his the position he has when movement generator is applied (spawns or movement generator change) to another given position but will react attacking any threatening creature on line of sight.

* Mob will NOT continue or start persuin threatening targets when he reaches a certain distance from the path he has to follow to get to the given position or reaches the finish position.

* When mob reaches the given final position he turns to defensive movement generator.

Defensive movement generator:

* Mob will be given a position to defend, if he is not within a given distance from the defending position he will drop any aggro and run within the given distance from the defending position if there is not another target within defending distance.

* If mob is within a given distance from the defending position he will optionally patrol or stay in his position and will attack any threathening creature in line of sight as long as the targets are within his defending distance.

* If target goes out of the defending distance but there is another creature within it mob will drop aggro over the running one and fight the second target.

Where can this be applied?..... lots of places where creatures are suppose to defend a position and do NOT reset while there is some threatening target within his defending position. And some other more where creatures need to make an aggressive walk (like the behavior of creatures in strategy games when you command them to attack a given position in the map)

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Neither of these are official movement generators though and both can already be done with current movement generators work. I think you not understand how movement generators work with creature AI. The movement generator ONLY generates movement. That is all it does. It does not know or care if it is in combat nor does it know or care what happens after it reaches that point.

Both of these functions can already be done. Use PointMovementGenerator to "attack to position" (escortAI in SD2 has a good example of how to do this). And to make a creature defend that position simply do not allow the creature to return to his home position (escortAI also shows how to do this).

These two types of movement generators would be very very rarely used. I cannot think of any creature that doesn't already require a script that would require these.

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