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Combos points for custom classes


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Hi guys, that's my first contribution here, so be gentle even if it's not a big deal :D

I've created a custom classe using all the energy at once (Mana, Rage and Energy) but I haven't been able to activate the combos points on the client side, it was working and all but no combos points was showing on the enemy frame even if I was able to use the spells who are using combos points.

I've been searching a lot to find a way to fix it, nothing in the core, neither in the client (even if I found some lines about the limitations of the combos showing on the Druid and Rogue, when I edit them, nothing happen) so I created an AIO LUA script to "simulate" the combos points since they work perfectly server side.

It's not perfect at all and i'm a begginner in LUA, but if it can help someone who was looking for a fix for this as hard as I was ! And also if some better LUA coder than me could check if upgrade could be done to the codes, I'd love to improve it.

Here's the server code :


gonna update the lua code soon (old one was obsolete)


And the "client" one : 


gonna update the lua code soon (old one was obsolete)


I've attached the "custom" combos frames used in the code (since the normal combos frames aren't usable with this method).

Regards ! :)

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