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[Idea] Improved GM config

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  • 39 years later...

Not sure if anyone has talked about this b4 but here is my idea.

Lets say you have 2 tests servers and you want a gmlvl2 tester on one of the realms but not on the other

currently this is not possible.

The idea is to add another column in the accounts table called GMrealm and it will use realmlist id's

so say testrealm1 = 1 and testrealm2 = 4

And lets say you have a account with gmlvl 3 but you only want them using it on the first realm so in that column you would set it to 1. If u want them to be gmlvl3 on both you would set it GMrealm = 1,4

I havent attemped this b/c i have very little c++ experience im only good at fixing conflicts but i figured now would be the time to learn :P

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