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[fix][7516] Starfall addition

Auntie Mangos

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What bug does the patch fix?

- Starfall will now be suppressed while the caster has lost control of his character

- Starfall will now be canceled if entering an Animal-Form or mounting

For which repository revision was the patch created?

master @ 9e3e28d50ea9babcb44ff9125c929d4edd00f6d3

Is there a thread in the bug report section or at lighthouse?


Who has been writing this patch?



- Starfall will still target stealthed Enemies -> Source

- Starfall will still shoot more then two stars per second if supplied with enough targets -> see tooltip



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oh right, thank you.

I don't think that it uses charges. My guess is, that it's a bug or "custom feature" in the targeting.

currently Is: all enemies in range

should be: two unstealthed enemies in range.

Dummy gets triggered once a second, casts two stars. 10 Seconds => 20 stars.

But dont ask me, how to change the targeting behaviour^^

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should be: two unstealthed enemies in range.
This is this test confirmation?

For me description references to just counting and expire after 20 targets

[added]Ok, i found some confirmation to your point:

A caster is able to concentrate, and target two creatures, structures or objects with one starlight missile each that causes force damage.
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Spell coefficients for Starfall:

DELETE FROM `spell_chain` WHERE spell_id IN (50288, 53191, 53194, 53195);
INSERT INTO `spell_chain` VALUES
(50288, 0, 50288, 1, 0),
(53191, 50288, 50288, 2, 0),
(53194, 53191, 50288, 3, 0),
(53195, 53194, 50288, 4, 0);

DELETE FROM `spell_chain` WHERE spell_id IN (50294, 53188, 53189, 53190);
INSERT INTO `spell_chain` VALUES
(50294, 0, 50294, 1, 0),
(53188, 50294, 50294, 2, 0),
(53189, 53188, 50294, 3, 0),
(53190, 53189, 50294, 4, 0);

DELETE FROM `spell_bonus_data` WHERE entry IN (50288, 50294);
INSERT INTO `spell_bonus_data` VALUES
(50288, 0.05, 0, 0, "Druid - Starfall"),
(50294, 0.012, 0, 0, "Druid - Starfall AOE");

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