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Lua function cast spell on duration end


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I have never used lua in any form before, except the hello world example in the docs... it worked. I am trying to have a spell cast on a player, when an aura expires. There is a 30 second timer countdown on an aura, and when it gets to 0, I want it to cast another. is this currently possible? Could someone post an example?


I did not find much on spells, but I saw getduration and cast when reading through the docs.



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So essentially you want to trigger a spell after an aura ends.

Eluna has little to no spell/aura scripting capabilities. You should do this in C++ or through some other means.
You can always make some kind of workaround though (For example add a periodic check on the player for when he has the aura and it adds the second aura when he no longer has the first the aura).

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