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Duel - Reset


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Inspired by Foereaper - Duel Reset

--            Made by Foereaper            --
--       Edited and Tested by Alexej       --
--  Expansion: The Burning Crusade 2.4.3   --

function OnDuelReset(event, player1, player2)
   -- OnDuelReset - player1
   player1:ResetAllCooldowns()                 -- Remove all cooldowns.
   player1:SetHealth(player1:GetMaxHealth())   -- Set player1 health to maximum. (100%)
   player1:SetPower(player1:GetMaxPower(), 0)  -- Set player1 mana to maximum.   (100%)
   player1:SetPower(0, 1)                      -- Set player1 rage to minimum.     (0%)
   player1:SetPower(player1:GetMaxPower(), 3)  -- Set player1 energy to maximum. (100%)

   -- OnDuelReset - player2
   player2:ResetAllCooldowns()                 -- Remove all cooldowns.
   player2:SetHealth(player2:GetMaxHealth())   -- Set player2 health to maximum. (100%)
   player2:SetPower(player2:GetMaxPower(), 0)  -- Set player2 mana to maximum.   (100%)
   player2:SetPower(0, 1)                      -- Set player2 rage to minimum.     (0%)
   player2:SetPower(player2:GetMaxPower(), 3)  -- Set player2 energy to maximum. (100%)

RegisterPlayerEvent(10, OnDuelReset)           -- PLAYER_EVENT_ON_DUEL_START
RegisterPlayerEvent(11, OnDuelReset)           -- PLAYER_EVENT_ON_DUEL_END


Edited by Alexej
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