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Guide to Creating a lootable container with custom loot!


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Hey all! 

This took me quite a bit of fiddling and trial and error to get done correctly, and this guide will assume that you're able to:
Edit your DBC Files || Create MPQ Patches || and have a basic understanding of how to manipulate your database(s).

Q: "Slex, why the heck did you want to learn to do this?"
A: Mostly to get practice with manipulating SQL and understanding how a game like WoW comes together, but also because when friends join my server(s) I don't want to have to sit there and go through the process of giving them items, money, etc each time. So that they could get straight to adventuring I wanted a single, lootable object they could go through and take out what they needed/wanted and BAM! happy days!

On to the guide:

Step 1: 

Inside your Item_Template table create a new object , or clone an existing item to use as a "loot box" to give to players. (I Suggest looking at any of the Lockbox items)

in my case I used the  Iron Lockbox (Entry: 4634), just remembering set the LockID in the database to 0. and for this example I've set the new items ID to 56809.

Entry    |     Class    |    Subclass    |	   Name 	   |    displayID    |    Flags    |    LockID    |
56809           15              0	        Divine Lootbox        9632	            4             0


Step 2:

Inside your item_loot_template table you insert a new row and inside the 'Entry' column you put the itemID of the container you created/modified (in this case its 56809)

Lets say that I wanted my new container to drop 2x Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker:

Entry    |   Item    |    ChanceOrQuestChance    |    groupid    |     mincoundOrRef    |    maxCount    |    condition_id    |

56809        19019            100                        0                   2                  2                  0

Step 3:

The final step is just to add the new item to your DBC archive using your preferred tool.

Create your MPQ Patch, again.. using your preferred tool, patching your client, rebooting the server, and BOOM!

You now have a lootable object which serves up all your fun custom items!

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