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(Solved) Both realmd.exe and mangosd.exe cannot connect to MySQL database, please help



Hi everyone,

I keep getting this error message from mangos.exe when I try to run realmd.exe and mangos.exe. 


realmd.exe doesn't even open, just closes down immediately before I even have a chance to look at it. 

Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated.

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what is in your config? here is mine for example mangosd.conf

LoginDatabaseInfo            = ";3306;user;password;realmd"
WorldDatabaseInfo            = ";3306;user;password;mangos0"
CharacterDatabaseInfo        = ";3306;user;password;character0"


is the user localhost created in your database when you set it up?

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My config looks like this:

LoginDatabaseInfo            = ";3306;localhost;jackkg248?5V6t;realmd"
WorldDatabaseInfo            = ";3306;localhost;jackkg248?5V6t;mangos0"
CharacterDatabaseInfo        = ";3306;localhost;jackkg248?5V6t;character0"

I did use the "localhost" name for my user when I started it up.

Edit: I resolved the issue. Had to uninstall everything and restart up all the programs. Wasn't using "root" as the user name. Noob mistake. 

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