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which server do i need?


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 Hi all. i am not too new for this because i had a mango private server up and running back in 2007 for my two sons. Now I am tryig to recreate it again for my grandkids. i had the burning crusade us  version 2.4.3. which of the mangos servers would i need. also i am installing it on ubuntu 20.04.1. any help from the knowable group .


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Hey there Jerry,

Awesome to hear you're still setting up projects for generations to come! :-)

In order to play TBC (v2.4.3), you'll need MaNGOS One. A guide to installing it on Ubuntu 20.04, as far as I can see (in the guide section), is not available.

However, a guide for Ubuntu 21.04 may* suffice, which is found here: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/guideslinux/m2-setup-on-ubuntu-2104-r40013/

The only things you need to do differently from that guide is step 2, as followed:

mkdir ~/mangos/
mkdir ~/mangos/db
cd ~/mangos/db/
CREATE USER 'mangos'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mangos';
git clone https://github.com/mangosone/database.git --recursive
cd database

And step 4, as followed:

cd ~/mangos
git clone https://github.com/mangosone/server.git --recursive
cmake -S ~/mangos/server/ -B ~/mangos/build/
cd ~/mangos/build
make -j<# of CPUs/Cores>
make -j<# of CPUs/Cores> install

In case you want to utilize screen (highly recommended) as mentioned in step 7, you might also have to install it first using:

sudo apt-get install screen

The rest of the steps should just be followed as written, although I've been out of the MaNGOS scene for a while as well, so take my 'knowledge' with a grain of salt.

Hope this helps you out a bit!

NoteI haven't tried MaNGOS One on Ubuntu 20.04 yet, currently in the progress of getting MaNGOS Zero up and running, but the process seems pretty much similar.

* Unless 21.04 and 20.04 vastly differ in packages and whatnot, someone ought to confirm this, along with the rest of the things I wrote.

EDIT: Guide works, although it being a bit wonky here and there, may write one myself soon (read: one day).

Edited by Craven
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